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Araba (carriage)

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary. MICRA, Inc. 28 Feb. 2009. Araba Clipart. Educational Technology Clearinghouse, University of South Florida. Drawing...

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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Office for Mac v.X. Innovations included: install from web, most clipart on web, use of Exchange and SharePoint for storage and collaboration. System...

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Microsoft Office 2013

Flickr (by default, only images in public domain) to in replacement to the cliparts gallery from previews office versions. Ability to return to the last viewed...

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ev.kde.org. "Supporting Members". KDE e.V. Retrieved 18 May 2017. "KDE-Clipart page". Retrieved 2010-11-20. "Timeline KDE 20 Years". Archived from the...

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Boris Malagurski

topics. In 2018, he was the editor and host of a clip show, known as the Clipart with Boris Malagurski, for the RT Documentary channel, dealing with global...

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Araba (carriage)

An araba (from Turkish: araba ) (also arba or aroba) is a carriage (such as a cabriolet or coach), wagon or cart drawn by horses or oxen, used in Turkey and neighboring countries. It is usually heavy and without springs (when it has springs it is called yaylı, shorter form of "yaylı araba" or "araba with springs") and often covered. In modern Turkish, the word araba is used for almost any kind of wheeled device (for eg. el arabası = hand car/trolley). It is also used for a car (automobile).

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