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Spirit Phone

generally positive reception and was largely successful, with the song "Touch-Tone Telephone" becoming Lemon Demon's most-played song on Spotify, surpassing "The...

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Push-button telephone

telephones, some telephone manufacturers used push-button keypads to generate pulse dial signaling. Before the introduction of touch-tone telephone sets...

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Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling

States, and became known under the trademark Touch-Tone for use in push-button telephones supplied to telephone customers, starting in 1963. DTMF is standardized...

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Trimline telephone

dropped and replaced with simply AT&T. All telephone production continues as normal. Late 1984 The Touch-tone Trimline phone is heavily modified with the...

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Princess telephone

touch-tone dial. In the mid 1970s, AT&T introduced modular connectors for the line cord and handset cords, requiring the RJ11 standard home telephone...

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Model 500 telephone

variants with added features. Touch-tone service was introduced to residential customers in 1963 with the model 1500 telephone, which had a push-button pad...

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Vertical service code

a touch tone telephone, the codes are usually initiated with the star key, resulting in the commonly used name star codes. On rotary dial telephones, the...

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Sargasso Sea

band Lemon Demon also refers to the Super-Sargasso Sea in the song "Touch-Tone Telephone", released on his 2016 album Spirit Phone. The Sargasso Sea is referenced...

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Touch-Tone Terrorists

The Touch-Tone Terrorists is a series of prank phone calls comedy CDs. The Touch-Tone Terrorists are actually one man, Pete Dzoghi who also goes by the...

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Lemon Demon

I Am Become Christmas, Nature Tapes, and the album View-Monster. Touch-Tone Telephone became Lemon Demon's most played song, the first to surpass The Ultimate...

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Telephone keypad

signal composed of tones with frequencies 697 hertz (Hz) and 1209 Hz. In the course of telephone history, the positions of telephone dials, as well as...

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Plain old telephone service

public telephone system in the late 19th century, in a form mostly unchanged despite the introduction of Touch-Tone dialing, electronic telephone exchanges...

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Fantasy Interactive Scenarios by Telephone

of the story could be affected by choices the user made, using a touch-tone telephone. A free starter pack could be ordered by sending a self-addressed...

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new technology was the introduction of Touch-Tone signaling using push-button telephones by American Telephone & Telegraph Company (AT&T) in 1963. Ericsson...

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In-band signaling

interference when DTMF tones were sounded by characters in television shows. For example, a character dialing a Touch-Tone telephone in a television show...

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Timeline of the telephone

combined MOS technology with touch-tone technology to develop a push-button MOS touch-tone phone called the "Touch-O-Matic" telephone, which uses MOS integrated...

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QLT Consumer Lease Services

Rotary Phone Traditional 2500/2554 Touch-Tone Telephone Trimline 220/222 Rotary Desk/Wall phone Trimline 2220/2222 Touch-Tone Desk/Wall phone QLT CLS also leases...

Last Update: 2021-02-20T11:48:37Z Word Count : 394 Synonim QLT Consumer Lease Services

History of the telephone

combined MOS technology with touch-tone technology to develop a push-button MOS touch-tone phone called the "Touch-O-Matic" telephone, which could store up to...

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anchor), and the respondent is invited to press a button on their touch tone telephone or record a message at a prompt designating their selection. Secondly...

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Blue box

designed specifically for telephone toll fraud (but now obsolete for that purpose), that generates the in-band signaling tones formerly used within the...

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Spirit Phone

Spirit Phone is the seventh album by Lemon Demon, a musical project created by American musician Neil Cicierega. Released in 2016, the album was Lemon Demon's first full-length album in eight years. The album was released digitally through Bandcamp on February 29, 2016, and other streaming services the following day. On July 10, 2018, independent label Needlejuice Records announced vinyl, CD and cassette releases, which shipped on October 21, 2018.All tracks were written, performed and recorded by Neil Cicierega. The album's cover art was created by Massachusetts comic book artist Ming Doyle; Cicierega's wife. The song "Sweet Bod" features a guitar solo by Dave Kitsberg of Time Lord rock group Time Crash. The album received generally positive reception and was largely successful, with the song "Touch-Tone Telephone" becoming Lemon Demon's most-played song on Spotify, surpassing "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny".

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