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Antara Dev Sen

including the TLM Short Stories from South Asia series. Sen is also managing trustee of Pratichi, a trust working on education and health. "About TLM". The Little...

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Times (online edition), 9 January 2006 [3] "OVP Simulator Smashes SystemC TLM-2.0 Performance Barrier", EDA Cafe, 5 February 2009 [4] Richard Goering,...

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The Last Mile (prison rehabilitation program)

The Last Mile (TLM) provides in-prison technology education and post-incarceration mentorship to justice-involved people across the United States. The...

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List of airline codes

from TAXA QUENSE in 2014 XJ TAX Thai AirAsia X EXPRESS WING Thailand SL TLM Thai Lion Mentari MENTARI Thailand TCB Transporte Aereo De Colombia AERO...

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Irene Pepperberg

Teaching and Learning in Medicine. 12 (4): 213–220. doi:10.1207/S15328015TLM1204_10. Fishman, Iris (December 2008). "What Alex the Parrot Can Teach Us...

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White coat ceremony

Medicine. National Library of Medicine. 14 (1): 56–59. doi:10.1207/S15328015TLM1401_13. PMID 11865752. S2CID 219640050. Veatch RM (February 2002). "White...

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Mediterranean Sea

Retrieved 23 October 2015. "Microsoft Word – ext_abstr_East_sea_workshop_TLM.doc" (PDF). Retrieved 23 April 2010. "Researchers predict Mediterranean Sea...

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Patrick Devedjian

: 1999–2001. After the 2007 legislative elections, Télé Lyon Métropole (TLM) filmed a conversation during which a UMP Deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône introduced...

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CA Technologies

(database), InterTest (debugging), Librarian, Panvalet (library management), and TLMS (tape library management). The company was established by Charles Wang and...

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bowel disease, diabetes and chronic heart disease. The Celiac Disease Foundation points out that a gluten-free diet may be low in riboflavin (and other...

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Institute of the Good Shepherd

The priest of the chapel has been given faculties to say public Masses (TLM) and hear confessions. In Brazil the Institute has houses in Brasília, São...

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The Week (Indian magazine)

Santosh Desai. Retrieved 23 November 2012. "The Little Magazine - About TLM". Littlemag.com. 1 July 2001. Retrieved 23 November 2012. "E The Man | Manorama...

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Deborah Anderson

Estevan (25 May 2018), "Women of the White Buffalo", California Apparel News, TLM Publishing Corp, archived from the original on 20 July 2018, retrieved 18...

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Globe International

"Globe Int'l's Violence Ordinaire…At American Rag". California Apparel News. TLM Publishing Corp. Retrieved 5 May 2015. Alistair Klinkenberg (10 August 2016)...

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Railway stations in Chennai

46 Meenambakkam மீனம்பாக்கம் MN Chennai South Line 47 Tirusulam திரிசூலம் TLM Chengalpattu South Line 48 Pallavaram பல்லாவரம் PV Chengalpattu South Line...

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Economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Technologie GmbH from Germany, Hydro ASA from Norway, Fiat from Italy, and TLM-Šibenik from Croatia[5]. Mostar area alone receives an income of €40 million...

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List of airline codes (T)

from TAXA QUENSE in 2014 XJ TAX Thai AirAsia X EXPRESS WING Thailand SL TLM Thai Lion Mentari MENTARI Thailand TCB Transporte Aereo De Colombia AERO...

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HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer

techniques, transoral robotic surgery (TORS) and transoral laser microsurgery (TLM). No direct comparisons of these two techniques have been conducted, and...

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clamping devices the technology data management and tool lifecycle management (TLM) is also included. System-supported "where-used lists" help to handle the...

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History of virtual learning environments

individual indicators. Students went through the system at their own pace. TLM (The Learning Manager) was released in 1980 and included distinct roles for...

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Antara Dev Sen

Antara Dev Sen (born 1963) is a British–Indian journalist.

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