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The Pillow Book (film)

The Pillow Book is a 1996 erotic drama film written and directed by Peter Greenaway, which stars Vivian Wu as Nagiko, a Japanese model in search of pleasure...

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Amarna letter EA 86

throughout the translation. EA 86 is an extremely ovate, pillow-shaped (thick) clay tablet. It is located in the British Museum, no. 29804. Moran's non-linear...

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Hopestill Pillow

in August 1895. In 1896, following Pillow's death, Oxford Terrace Baptist Church erected a stone tablet in Pillow's memory. Following the 2011 Christchurch...

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Richard Osman's House of Games

buzzer round, a pairs round or one where the players require use of their tablet computers). Five rounds are played each day, with the second round being...

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Nadia Buari

Lie The Angle Against The Monster Heartless Last Hour Romance Under My Pillow Speechless Desperate Bride Innocent Sin Guilty Threat The Golden Lady Satanic...

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List of Teen Wolf secondary characters

people with night terrors have done far stranger things than "eating their pillows". In "Dreamcatchers", Natalie had been asked out on a date by Stilinski...

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Animal Jam Classic

12 June 2017. "Animal Jam Bunny Pillow Pet". Pillow Pets. Retrieved 2020-01-23. "Animal Jam Lynx Pillow Pet". Pillow Pets. Retrieved 2020-01-23. amazon...

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List of Latin words with English derivatives

lung extrapulmonary, intrapulmonary, pulmonary pulvinus pulvin- cushion, pillow pulvilli, pulvinar, pulvinated, pulvinus pulvis pulver- dust, powder pulverize...

Last Update: 2021-04-17T18:43:40Z Word Count : 382 Synonim List of Latin words with English derivatives

Stone of Scone

the coronation of the monarchs of Scotland. It is also known as Jacob's Pillow Stone and the Tanist Stone, and as clach-na-cinneamhain in Scottish Gaelic...

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Death of Jimi Hendrix

taken nine of her prescribed Vesparax sleeping tablets. Intended to be taken in half-tablet doses, nine tablets of the powerful sedative amounted to 18 times...

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History of writing

message), the Lord of Kulaba patted some clay and put words on it, like a tablet. Until then, there had been no putting words on clay. — Sumerian epic poem...

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List of Nova episodes

meteorites, several volcanic eruptions, and an underwater glimpse of molten "pillow" lava as it oozes out of volcanic vents in the sea floor. "The Dead Sea...

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Gia Scala

across her bed and bruises were found on her body and blood was on her pillow. Scala is interred next to her mother, Eileen O'Sullivan-Scoglio, in the...

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List of Running Man episodes (2020)

chances each to pick a random prize. Yoo Jae-suk received a custom sequin pillow with Ji Suk-jin face on it and a massage from Kim Jong-kook, Kim Jong-kook...

Last Update: 2021-04-18T17:29:37Z Word Count : 4100 Synonim List of Running Man episodes (2020)

List of Peaky Blinders episodes

easy access to Tommy's family. Tommy later finds a card under his son's pillow, which reads "Charles Shelby - R.I.P.". Grace wears the sapphire, which...

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Mel Brooks

from the original on June 24, 2013. Retrieved September 5, 2013. "Tablet Magazine". Tablet Magazine. Retrieved April 5, 2020. Simonson, Robert (June 4, 2001)...

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Johnny Cash

Dexedrine capsules (amphetamines) and 475 Equanil (sedatives or tranquilizers) tablets that the singer had hidden inside his guitar case. Because the pills were...

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September 2005. (7.53 MB) format) Mesopotamian Archaeology, by Percy S.P. Pillow, 1912 (a searchable facsimile at the University of Georgia Libraries; DjVu...

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In 2019 Xiaomi started to sell simple goods such as sunglasses, caps, pillows, glass lunchboxes, cups, filters, bags, backpacks, luggage, screwdrivers...

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Smokeless fuel

coke, charcoal and hexamine fuel tablets. Smoke free carbonaceous fuels are usually supplied in the form of standard pillow-shaped briquettes made from powdered...

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The Pillow Book (film)

The Pillow Book is a 1996 erotic drama film written and directed by Peter Greenaway, which stars Vivian Wu as Nagiko, a Japanese model in search of pleasure and new cultural experience from various lovers. The film is a melding of dark modern drama with idealised Chinese and Japanese cultural themes and settings, and centres on body painting.

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