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List of Award of Garden Merit dahlias

"RHS Plant Selector - Dahlia 'Pink Pastelle'". Retrieved 12 February 2020. "RHS Plant Selector - Dahlia 'Pooh - Swan Island'". Retrieved 12 February...

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List of British Academy Award nominees and winners

Peter Cattaneo Barnaby Thompson Dear Rosie Nominated 1992 Kenneth Branagh Swan Song Nominated Christian M. Taylor The Lady in Waiting Nominated Taylor is...

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List of Ghost Adventures episodes

TheFutonCritic.com". "Ratings - Saturday's Cable Ratings & Broadcast Finals: "Crisis" Swan Song Tops Originals - TheFutonCritic.com". "Ratings - Saturday's Cable Ratings...

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George Harrison

for Astrophysics. Archived from the original on 9 April 2010. "Dahlia Name Origins". Dahlia World. Archived from the original on 20 April 2016. Retrieved...

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List of films: B

Stallion (2010) Black Sunday: (1960 & 1977) The Black Swan (1942) Black Swan (2010) Black Swans (2005) Black Tuesday (1954) Black Water (2007 & 2018)...

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Arlene Dahl

11, 1925, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Norwegian immigrants Idelle (née Swan) and Rudolph Dahl, a Ford Motor dealer and executive. She cites her year...

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Academy Award for Best Cinematography

West Point Leon Shamroy This Above All Arthur C. Miller Color The Black Swan Leon Shamroy Arabian Nights Milton Krasner, William V. Skall and W. Howard...

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List of Epic Records artists

Suicidal Tendencies Donna Summer Henry Lee Summer Super Furry Animals Billy Swan Tall Stories Tanto Metro and Devonte (550 Music/Epic) Les Taylor (Epic Nashville)...

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List of graphic adventure games

Human Entertainment Human Entertainment Super Famicom, PlayStation, WonderSwan, Windows September 14, 1995 Ripley's Believe It or Not!: The Riddle of Master...

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Incest in film and television

lesbian scenes with each other and/or threesomes. In the American drama Black Swan (2010), among the pressures of maintaining a strict 'perfect' ballet profession...

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List of unsolved murders (20th century)

babysitter". Los Angeles Times. December 1, 2017. Retrieved December 18, 2019. Swan, Rachel; Ma, Annie (December 11, 2017). "Arrest in notorious 1980 slaying...

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List of fictional witches

Horror Story: Apocalypse) Cousin Susie (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time) Deirdre Swoop (The New Worst Witch) T Kasumi Takamiya...

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List of Australian Jillaroos team players

108 Sonia Mosie 2009 ? ? ? ? ? 109 Lacey Shields 2009 ? ? ? ? ? 110 Kerri Swan 2009 ? ? ? ? ? 111 Elianna Walton 2009 ? ? ? ? ? 112 Farlane Wineera 2009...

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Sortable list of islands of Western Australia

sortable list of islands of Western Australia includes all coastal and inland islands, cays, isles and islets. It also includes named island groups, archipelagos...

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List of wettest tropical cyclones by country

the island during 1972, only 13 tropical cyclones passed within 220 km (135 mi) of the territory between 1972 and 2005. The Cocos (Keeling) Islands are...

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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

cockatoo Palm cockatoo Brahminy kite Crested serpent eagle Chinese goose Black swan Australian pelican Lesser adjutant Wreathed hornbill Oriental pied hornbill...

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SS Gairsoppa

War Sudra War Summit War Sun (II) War Srf (II) War Swale War Swallow War Swan War Swell War Swift (II) War Sybil War Tabard War Taff War Tamar War Tank...

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Golden Gate Park

Out San Francisco. Time Out Guides. ISBN 9781846702204. Rubenstein, Steve; Swan, Rachel (June 20, 2020). "Historical statues toppled as rage spills into...

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Flower-class corvette

Starwort on 12 November 1942 U-124 was sunk by Stonecrop and the sloop Black Swan on 2 April 1942 U-82 was sunk by the sloop Rochester and Tamarisk on 6 February...

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Deaths in March 2020

Primary Care, COVID-19. Sanford Wheeler, 49, Australian footballer (Sydney Swans). Peter van den Baar, 79, Dutch director (FC Eindhoven), PvdA politician...

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List of Award of Garden Merit dahlias

The following is a list of dahlia cultivars which have gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. They are tuberous perennials, originally from South America, with showy daisy-like composite flowerheads in all shades and combinations of white, yellow, orange, pink and red, flowering in late summer and autumn (fall). Much work has been done on the development of a range of flower shapes and sizes. They may be sold as dry tubers in Spring, and started off in heat before being planted out after all danger of frost has passed. Alternatively they can be purchased later in the season, in pots ready to flower. Dwarf bedding types are usually cultivated as annuals and discarded after flowering. In mild areas without penetrating frosts, mature plants can be overwintered in the garden; otherwise, they are lifted and stored in a frost free place. They are easily propagated from cuttings in Spring.Flower shapes can be divided into 14 main groups:- single: less than 10 cm (4 in) - open centred, with a single or double row of ray florets waterlily: miniature, small or medium sized blooms - double, with a small number of flattened, rounded ray florets collerette: 10–15 cm (4–6 in) - single row of flat ray florets surrounding an inner collar of shorter florets and a central disc anemone-flowered: 10–15 cm (4–6 in) - upward-pointing, tubular florets, surrounded by one or more rows of flattened ray florets pompon: 10 cm (4 in) - tightly spherical small blooms with florets in a scale-like arrangement ball: similar to pompon but larger in size semi-cactus: double flowers in a range of sizes; many pointed, recurved ray florets cactus: double flowers in a range of sizes; many pointed, recurved ray florets that are narrower than semi-cactus flowers decorative: fully double flowers with the central disc completely hidden; the broad florets may be pointed and twisted miscellaneous: including peony-flowered, orchid-flowered, chrysanthemum-flowered, dwarf beddingAs of 2015, 124 cultivars are listed. Maximum dimensions of plants are shown in centimetres.

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