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SubPac (company)

SUBPAC is a tactile audio system, designed and developed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The SUBPAC consists of a combination of tactile transducers, vibro-tactile...

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Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT) for submarine matters. The Pacific Submarine Force (SUBPAC) includes attack, ballistic missile and auxiliary submarines, submarine...

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album Charlene. In June 2016, Timbaland and Andy Rubinhas teamed up with SubPac, a Los Angeles-based startup working on a wearable sound device. There is[when...

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Vibroacoustic therapy

Rate Variability, and Cortisol". Apollo Neuroscience, Inc. "WHAT IS SUBPAC?". SUBPAC. "Sound Tables and Sleep Medicine". Flower & Frequency. Leuk, JSP;...

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James F. Caldwell Jr.

in Bangor, Washington. In his most recent afloat command, he commanded SUBPAC (Submarine Forces Pacific) as COMSUBPAC. Ashore, Caldwell served on the...

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Structure of the United States Armed Forces

Group 10 (SUBGRU 10) (NSB Kings Bay, GA) Submarine Force Pacific Fleet (SUBPAC) (NB Pearl Harbor, HI) Submarine Group 9 (SUBGRU 9) (NB Kitsap, WA) Air...

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Wolfpack (naval tactic)

the Central Pacific command, under RAdm C. A. Lockwood at Pearl Harbor ("SubPac") used the pack tactic. American wolfpacks, officially called coordinated...

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Operation Pacific

Cmdr. Steele Martin Milner as Ensign Caldwell Cliff Clark as Commander, SUBPAC Jack Pennick as the Chief Virginia Brissac as Sister Anna Vincent Fotre...

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USS Barbel (SS-580)

born the DBF pin.[citation needed] In 1973 Barbel's weapons division set a SUBPAC record for successfully shooting 118 torpedoes that year. This included...

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Cliff Clark

Sound of Fury (1950) - Sheriff Demig Operation Pacific (1951) - Commander, SUBPAC Sugarfoot (1951) - Rancher (uncredited) The Great Missouri Raid (1951) -...

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USS Omaha (SSN-692)

the qualification of Lt. Jean P. Tennant, becoming the only submarine in SubPac with all officers qualified in submarines. In February, Omaha served as...

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Geophysical MASINT

Naval Warfare and Coastal Oceanography". Retrieved 2007-10-17. Jim Hart. "SUBPAC METOC Training, Support, AND NAVO Storm Production". National Security Policy...

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Festival of International Virtual & Augmented Reality Stories

featured 30 selections - each enhanced by a haptic backpack created by Subpac FIVARS Festival Explores Human Experience Through Virtual Reality, in addition...

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Nick Dean (singer)

"Go 2.0". He has also worked with brands such as Audi, Away Travel, and SubPac. "Musician Nick Dean Releases New Single, "How Did We?"". ventsmagazine...

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1951 San Diego State Aztecs football team

California. p. B-3. Howard Hagen (September 30, 1951). "Aztecs' Rally Trips SubPac". The San Diego Union. San Diego, California. p. B-2. Howard Hagen (October...

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USS Tinosa (SS-283)

back to Pearl Harbor with the single remaining weapon. Daspit stormed into SUBPAC's office. He had shot 15 torpedoes at Tonan Maru over two days and only...

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SubPac (company)

SUBPAC is a tactile audio system, designed and developed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The SUBPAC consists of a combination of tactile transducers, vibro-tactile membranes, electronics and textiles, designed to deliver a physical dimension of sound. SUBPAC is available in a wearable and seatback format. The device was intended to move music hardware technologies in this area past simple 'vibrating devices' to deliver a complex and nuanced experience, to create an accurate tactile representation of whatever audio input is used. Outside of music production and enjoyment, the SUBPAC has a wide range of applications such as gaming, virtual reality (VR) and film enjoyment.

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