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Springerville, Arizona

2011-02-12. Retrieved 2011-04-23. Station Name: Springerville AK "Historical Weather for Springerville, AZ USA". wrcc.com. Retrieved May 11, 2015. "Census...

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Lyman Reservoir

Lake Reservoir. Lyman Reservoir is located 17 miles (27 km) north of Springerville. An irrigation impoundment on the Little Colorado River, Lyman Reservoir...

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Geodesic dome

6529°W / 35.1805; -111.6529), 153 m (502 ft) Round Valley Ensphere: Springerville-Eagar, AZ, USA (34°07′13″N 109°17′06″W / 34.1204°N 109.2849°W / 34.1204;...

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U.S. Route 60

Low, and Springerville before exiting the state at the border with New Mexico. US 60 enters New Mexico in Catron County east of Springerville, Arizona...

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Arizona State Route 473

are seasonally closed due to the road becoming impassable during winter weather. The route was defined in 1967 by the Arizona Department of Transportation...

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Springerville, Arizona

Springerville is a town in Apache County, Arizona, United States, within the White Mountains. Its postal ZIP Code is 85938. As of the 2010 census, the population of the town was 1,961.Springerville sits at an elevation of 6,974 feet (2,126 m) above sea level. Along with its neighbor Eagar, the communities make up the place known as Round Valley which is in the central-eastern part of Arizona close to the New Mexico border.

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