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Bay Shore, New York

Shore is a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) in the Town of Islip, Suffolk County, New York, United States. It is situated on the South Shore of...

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North Shore (Massachusetts)

The North Shore is a region in the U.S. state of Massachusetts, loosely defined as the coastal area between Boston and New Hampshire. The region is made...

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List of Jackanory episodes

23-Jan-81 2650 By the Shores of Silver Lake: Part 1 - An Unexpected Visitor Laura Ingalls Wilder Joanna David 26-Jan-81 2651 By the Shores of Silver Lake: Part...

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List of Debaters radio episodes

Ivan Decker (Project Men) October 29, 2011 (2011-10-29) 607 From the sunny shores of Lake Okanagan The Debaters pits mythical creature against mythical creature...

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South Korea

requiring cinemas to show Korean films at least 73 days a year. 2019's Parasite, directed by Bong Joon Ho, became the highest-grossing film in South Korea...

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List of PlayStation 2 games (A–K)

Agent Under Fire EA Redwood Shores Electronic Arts 2001-11-13NA ✔ ✔ James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing EA Redwood Shores Electronic Arts 2004-02-11JP...

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List of 20th Century Fox films (1935–1999)

March 20, 1942 Lone Star Ranger Rings on Her Fingers March 24, 1942 To the Shores of Tripoli March 27, 1942 Sundown Jim April 3, 1942 Secret Agent of Japan...

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Son in Law

Ochampaugh as The Halloween Fairy After Encino Man, Shore was considering a project with New Line Cinema, but was persuaded by Disney chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg...

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SM Mall of Asia

features a total of 16 cinemas with 11 regular cinemas (including Center Stage Cinema), three Director's Club Cinemas, one Event Cinema, and one IMAX Theater...

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Encino Man

Astin, and Pauly Shore. The plot revolves around two geeky teenagers from Encino, Los Angeles, California, played by Astin and Shore, who discover a caveman...

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Touki Bouki

Anny (January 1998). "Touki-Bouki: The New Wave on the cinematic shores of Africa". South African Theatre Journal. 12 (1–2): 53–72. doi:10.1080/10137548...

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Production of The Lord of the Rings film series

joint New Zealand-American venture, produced and distributed by New Line Cinema with the co-production of WingNut Films. Development of the films began...

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List of downloadable songs for Rocksmith

Not Okay (I Promise)" 2004 "Teenagers" 2007 "A Knife In The Dark" Howard Shore 2005 Drop D Rocksmith Goes to the Movies 5-Song Pack March 1, 2016 "Back...

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List of cinemas in Singapore

branch of the Indian cinema chain. Specialises in screening movies from South Asia and occasionally Malay films. Second largest cinema chain in Singapore...

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Deaths in 2021

Scottish-Canadian novelist (The Skystone, The Singing Sword, The Saxon Shore), cancer. Erla Wigelund, 92, Icelandic entrepreneur. Dick Witcher, 76, American...

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Garrick Cinema

The Garrick Cinema—periodically referred to as the New Andy Warhol Garrick Theatre, Andy Warhol's Garrick Cinema, Garrick Theatre, Nickelodeon—was a 199-seat...

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Guido (slang)

2010-09-02. D'Acierno, Pellegrino (1999). Cinema Paradiso: The Italian American Presence in American Cinema. Taylor & Francis. p. 628. Bondanella, Peter...

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South Side, Chicago

to ever-changing South Shore to find the middle class disappearing" Chicago Tribune May 9, 2019 Rodkin, Dennis. "Why does South Shore resist gentrification...

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Cast Away

A total of eleven FedEx packages from the crashed plane also wash up on shore, as well as the corpse of a flight crewman, which Chuck buries. He tries...

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History of film

Mrinal Sen, Raj Kapoor, Bimal Roy, K. Asif and Mehboob Khan. The cinema of South Korea also experienced a 'Golden Age' in the 1950s, beginning with...

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Bay Shore, New York

Bay Shore is a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) in the Town of Islip, Suffolk County, New York, United States. It is situated on the South Shore of Long Island, adjoining the Great South Bay. In 2008, Bay Shore celebrated the 300th anniversary of the purchase of the land from the Secatogue Native Americans. The population of the CDP was 26,337 at the time of the 2010 census.

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