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Silk Stockings

Silk Stockings is a musical with a book by George S. Kaufman, Leueen MacGrath, and Abe Burrows and music and lyrics by Cole Porter. The musical is loosely...

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Silk Stockings (1957 film)

Silk Stockings is a 1957 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer musical film adaptation, filmed in CinemaScope, of the 1955 stage musical of the same name, which itself was...

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Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking is a British television film originally broadcast on BBC One in the UK on 26 December 2004. Produced...

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A Pair of Silk Stockings

"A Pair of Silk Stockings" is an 1897 short story written by Kate Chopin. The story follows Mrs. Sommers who prefers spending a windfall on herself, rather...

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knee or possibly part or all of the thigh. Stockings vary in color, design, and transparency. Today, stockings are primarily worn for fashion and aesthetics...

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Silk Stalkings

a wordplay on "silk stockings". The series portrays the daily lives of two detectives who solve sexually-based crimes of passion ("silk stalkings") among...

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blue stockings may arise from the time when woollen worsted stockings were informal dress, in contrast to formal, fashionable black silk stockings.[citation...

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Silk Stockings (disambiguation)

Hall of Fame race horse Silk Stockings are stockings made of silk. Silk Stalkings, a 1990s American TV crime series Silk Stocking District, a former nickname...

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Court uniform and dress in the United Kingdom

stripe down the seam. For drawing rooms matching breeches with white silk stockings, and a white neck-cloth was worn. In 1869, the Lord Chamberlain's Department...

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Art silk

original plans for nylon to become a cheaper and superior replacement for silk stockings were soon realized, then redirected for military use just two years...

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Silk Stocking District

Silk Stocking District may refer to: Silk Stocking District (Talladega), in Talladega, Alabama, a historic district listed on the National Register of...

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Cyd Charisse

Wagon (1953), Brigadoon with Gene Kelly and Van Johnson (1954) and Silk Stockings (1957). She stopped dancing in films in the late 1950s, but continued...

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Underwear fetishism

fully fashioned (seamed) stockings, seamless stockings, designer stockings, luxury stockings, reinforced heel and toe stockings (RHT), stay-ups, etc. Garter...

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Boston Strangler

crimes have suggested that the murders (sometimes referred to as the "Silk Stocking Murders") were committed by more than one person. Initially, the crimes...

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A Pair of Silk Stockings (film)

A Pair of Silk Stockings is a 1918 American silent marital comedy film starring Constance Talmadge and Harrison Ford. It was directed by Walter Edwards...

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Claiborne Cary

acting career in the 1950s. Cary made her Broadway theater debut in Silk Stockings in 1956, later touring with the production's national tour with actor...

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Silk Stockings (1927 film)

Silk Stockings is a 1927 American comedy film directed by Wesley Ruggles and written by Beatrice Van and Albert DeMond. It is based on the 1914 play A...

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'Panti-Legs') as a convenient alternative to stockings and/or control panties (which, in turn, replaced girdles). Like stockings or knee highs, pantyhose are usually...

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Cole Porter

Fifty Million Frenchmen, DuBarry Was a Lady, Anything Goes, Can-Can and Silk Stockings. His numerous hit songs include "Night and Day", "Begin the Beguine"...

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Don Ameche

Miss for The DuPont Show of the Month, and Climax!. Ameche starred in Silk Stockings (1955–56) on Broadway, which ran for 478 performances. Holiday for Lovers...

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Silk Stockings

Silk Stockings is a musical with a book by George S. Kaufman, Leueen MacGrath, and Abe Burrows and music and lyrics by Cole Porter. The musical is loosely based on the Melchior Lengyel story Ninotchka and the 1939 film adaptation it inspired. It ran on Broadway in 1955. This was the last musical that Porter wrote for the stage.

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