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Recreational vehicle terms

from the RV toilet; human waste. Blackwater tank The tank that stores the blackwater. When full, the operator of the RV will connect a sewer hose from the...

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Urine-diverting dry toilet

connected to a hose, a bucket and a seat. The highest number of UDDTs in one area have been installed by the eThekwini Municipality in the non-sewered peri-urban...

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Surface-supplied diving

regular compressor fed surface supply. Air-line diving uses an air line hose in place of a full diver's umbilical to supply breathing air from the surface...

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Hazmat diving

contamination. This may occur at the first convenient opportunity, including hosing down as the diver exits the water. The diver is then more comprehensively...

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Toilet paper

be explained by the fact that other countries people use bidets or spray hoses to clean themselves. Millions of trees are harvested in North and South...

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Underwater diving

breathing gases from the surface through a hose. When combined with a communication cable, a pneumofathometer hose and a safety line it is called the diver's...

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Professional diving

flexible hose, bundled with other services and called an diver's umbilical. In addition to breathing gas, the umbilical will have additional hoses and cables...

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Diving cylinder

valves had been replaced by solid screws. Filling hose failure severely injured operator when the hose hit his face. The wound exposed the jaw bone, and...

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Physical hazard

occupancy. Spaces of this kind can include storage tanks, ship compartments, sewers, and pipelines. Confined spaces can pose a hazard not just to workers, but...

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Remotely operated underwater vehicle

in places where a diver might not be able to physically enter such as a sewer, pipeline or small cavity. Mini - typically Mini-Class ROVs weigh in around...

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Underwater construction

locks Bridges and causeways Harbours Docks Breakwaters Stormwater and sewer outfalls Jetties, piers Inshore and offshore wind farms Tidal power and...

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List of military diving units

including construction, demolition, reconnaissance, search, recovery and sewer searches.[citation needed] United States military divers – Underwater divers...

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List of diving hazards and precautions

value for the cylinder). Rupture of a regulator hose or loss of the end component, leaving an open hose end. Unrecoverable free flow of a second stage...

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John Scott Haldane

air in enclosed spaces such as wells and sewers. One surprising result of his analysis of the air in the sewers beneath the House of Commons was to show...

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Police diving

and rivers Currents that can run as fast as 6 knots In intake pipes and sewers In water towers under hostile environmental conditions which can include:...

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Commercial diving

contaminating the water table. Maintenance and repair work inside functioning sewers , sewage treatment works, or working in septic tanks. Maintenance and repair...

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List of diving environments by type

barrier to a direct vertical ascent to the surface Sewer diving – Diving for maintenance work in sewers Underwater demolition – The deliberate destruction...

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Wreck Alley

thick. A bit south of Wreck Alley, sticking west out of Point Loma, is The Sewer Pipe. It is covered in rocks so it is like a large underwater break wall...

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Investigation of diving accidents

inaccurate at low pressures. Occasionally a hose bursts due to immediate or accumulated damage, and a low pressure hose burst can empty a cylinder in a few minutes...

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Maurice Fernez

end of the tube had a T shaped mouthpiece, one side connected to the air hose through a one way (non-return) valve, the other side to an exhaust with a...

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Recreational vehicle terms

The term recreational vehicle (RV) is often used as a broad category of motor vehicles and trailers which include living quarters for designed temporary accommodation. Types of RVs include motorhomes, campervans, caravans (also known as travel trailers and camper trailers), fifth-wheel trailers, popup campers, truck campers and Park Model RVs. A large number of terms are used when describing aspects of recreational vehicle usage. Some of these are self-explanatory while others may be unfamiliar to many readers. Some terms, arranged alphabetically, are shown below.

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