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William Havard (actor)

and The Elopement Drury Lane, 1763. Montesini in The Parricide (1736) Rosebrand in The Independent Patriot (1737) Talthybius in Agamemnon (1738) Hartly...

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William Havard (actor)

William Havard (1710?–1778), was a British actor and dramatist. Havard appeared at Goodman's Fields Theatre, 1730–1737, and then at the Drury Lane Theatre until retirement in 1769. He generally played secondary parts; depreciated in Rosciad. He also appeared in his own plays, King Charles I at Lincoln's Inn Fields, 1737; Regulus Drury Lane, 1744; and The Elopement Drury Lane, 1763.

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