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Request for quotation

length may be requested during the bidding process. To receive correct quotes, RfQs often include the specifications of the items/services to make sure...

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Form W-9

by a third party who must file an information return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It requests the name, address, and taxpayer identification...

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which a requestor sends a request message to a replier system, which receives and processes the request, ultimately returning a message in response. It...

Last Update: 2020-11-12T09:40:48Z Word Count : 383 Synonim Request–response

Hypertext Transfer Protocol

response contains completion status information about the request and may also contain requested content in its message body. A web browser is an example...

Last Update: 2021-02-23T18:22:40Z Word Count : 4580 Synonim Hypertext Transfer Protocol

List of FTP server return codes

FTP server return codes always have three digits, and each digit has a special meaning. The first digit denotes whether the response is good, bad or incomplete:...

Last Update: 2020-11-01T21:35:35Z Word Count : 75 Synonim List of FTP server return codes

List of HTTP status codes

(RFC 8297) Used to return some response headers before final HTTP message. This class of status codes indicates the action requested by the client was...

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Request for proposal

RFP is used where the request requires technical expertise, specialized capability, or where the product or service being requested does not yet exist,...

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List of SMTP server return codes

Reply): The requested action has been successfully completed. 3yz (Positive Intermediate Reply): The command has been accepted, but the requested action is...

Last Update: 2021-02-12T21:15:05Z Word Count : 1456 Synonim List of SMTP server return codes

Proxy server

fulfill a requested resource, such as a file or web page, the client directs the request to the proxy server, which evaluates the request and performs...

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a web service protocol that uses JSON for service description, requests and responses. It is inspired from JSON-RPC, but the lack of a service description...

Last Update: 2020-12-10T14:55:53Z Word Count : 220 Synonim JSON-WSP

Service catalog

enterprise. Service catalogs act as knowledge management tools for the employees and consultants of an enterprise, allowing them to route their requests for and...

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real data at this number and address and it can return a null value or throw an error when requested. Almost all implementations have variations from...

Last Update: 2021-02-07T10:01:34Z Word Count : 3031 Synonim Modbus

Client–server model

data for the requested service. Clients and servers exchange messages in a request–response messaging pattern. The client sends a request, and the server...

Last Update: 2021-02-28T19:03:52Z Word Count : 2034 Synonim Client–server model

HTTP 404

could not find what was requested. The error may also be used when a server does not wish to disclose whether it has the requested information. The website...

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BBC World Service

The BBC World Service is an international broadcaster owned and operated by the BBC. It is the world's largest of any kind. It broadcasts radio news,...

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Unified Diagnostic Services

Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) is a diagnostic communication protocol used in electronic control units (ECUs) within automotive electronics, which is...

Last Update: 2020-11-18T15:07:26Z Word Count : 361 Synonim Unified Diagnostic Services

Invitation to tender

or RFP. [...] An EOI [...] would request basic information about the design-builder, solicit comments on the requested project features, and ask for an...

Last Update: 2021-01-04T15:02:39Z Word Count : 1641 Synonim Invitation to tender


Transport Protocol Service Request Transport Protocol, GE-Fanuc automation protocol for programmable logic controller Safe Return to Port requirement...

Last Update: 2014-06-25T08:54:39Z Word Count : 90 Synonim SRTP

HTTP 403

a HTTP status code meaning access to the requested resource is forbidden. The server understood the request, but will not fulfill it due to client-related...

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Ordinarily an LDAP request is received by the frontend, decoded, and then passed to a backend for processing. When the backend completes a request, it returns...

Last Update: 2021-01-19T17:23:21Z Word Count : 2228 Synonim OpenLDAP

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Request for quotation

A request for quotation (RfQ) is a business process in which a company or public entity requests a quote from a supplier for the purchase of specific products or services. RfQ generally means the same thing as Call for bids (CfB) and Invitation for bid (IfB).An RfQ typically involves more than the price per item. Information like payment terms, quality level per item or contract length may be requested during the bidding process. To receive correct quotes, RfQs often include the specifications of the items/services to make sure all the suppliers are bidding on the same item/service. Logically, the more detailed the specifications, the more accurate the quote will be and comparable to the other suppliers. Another reason for being detailed in sending out an RfQ is that the specifications could be used as legal binding documentation for the suppliers. The ubiquitous availability of the Internet has made many government agencies turn either to state-run or vendor operated websites which provide listings of RfQs as well as RfIs and RfPs. Many allow vendors to sign up at no charge to receive e-mails of requests either generally or for specific categories of product or service for which there is an interest. In some cases, the entire process is done on-line with responses as scanned documents or PDF files uploaded to the server; in other cases, or for legal reasons, a response must be sent in hard copy form and/or on CD/DVD disc or flash drive by mail or delivery service. The suppliers have to return the bidding by a set date and time to be considered for an award. Discussions may be held on the bids (often to clarify technical capabilities or to note errors in a proposal). The bid does not have to mean the end of the bidding; multiple rounds can follow. After the RfQ process, professional procurement organizations have to compare the quotations, and try to get the best price for the job (by negotiations, or by conducting an e-auction (a reverse auction or a ticker auction). Aim is to determine the fair market value of the goods or services and thus generate savings for the company. RfQs are best suited to products and services that are as standardized and as commoditized as possible, as this makes each supplier's quote comparable. In practice, many businesses use an RfQ where an RfT or RfI would be more appropriate.An RfQ allows different contractors to provide a quotation, among which the best will be selected. It also makes the potential for competitive bidding a lot higher, since the suppliers could be quite certain that they are not the only ones bidding for the products. Requests for quotations are most commonly used in the business environment but can also be found being applied to domestic markets.

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