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Majestic Princess

Retrieved 25 June 2020. Kalosh, Anne (8 July 2020). "Majestic Princess to replace Regal in Alaska as Regal takes over for Grand in UK". Seatrade Cruise News...

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Regal Princess (2013)

August 2019. "Regal Princess to Join Majestic Princess in Australia". cruiseindustrynews.com. 15 November 2018. Retrieved 24 August 2019. "Regal Princess to...

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The Lion and the Cobra

list of Best Albums of the 1980s, saying "The Lion and the Cobra is regal, majestic, and allegorical, an album rife with images of war, slain dragons,...

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The Regal Theater (Chicago, Illinois)

Regal Theater, was a night club and music venue, popular among African-Americans. Located in the Bronzeville neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois The theater...

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The Victorian and Art Deco Ensemble of Mumbai

Headquarters Offices Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya Majestic Aamdar Niwas Regal Cinema Motabhoy Mansion Soona Mahal Keval Mahal Buildings around...

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AEC Regal IV

The AEC Regal IV was a bus chassis manufactured by AEC. The AEC Regal IV was AEC's first mainstream underfloor engined vehicle. A prototype was built...

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Royal-class cruise ship

announced that the sister ship to the new Royal Princess would be named Regal Princess. the second ship to have carried that name for Princess. She was...

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Majestic Theatre, Pomona

Majestic Theatre is a heritage-listed theatre at 3 Factory Street, Pomona, Shire of Noosa, Queensland, Australia. It was added to the Queensland Heritage...

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AEC Regal VI

The AEC Regal VI was an underfloor-engined single-decker bus chassis manufactured by AEC in the 1960s. It was unveiled at the 1960 Commercial Motor Show...

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AEC Swift

Q-type Ranger (between wars) Ranger (post war) Regal Regal I Regal II Regal III Regal IV Regal V Regal VI Regent Regent II Regent III Regent III RT-type...

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Pacific Dawn

Princess Cruises in 1991 by the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy as Regal Princess and sailed on their North American routes. After 2000 she was deployed...

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sired by Maria's Mon– from whom he inherited his gray coat– out of the mare Regal Band. He was bred by Jim Squires, who wrote an account of this "rags to...

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List of airline codes

AIR ANGOL Angola TZ TWG air-taxi Europe TWINGOOSE Germany NGP Air Nigeria REGAL EAGLE Nigeria defunct 2Q SNC Air Cargo Carriers NIGHT CARGO United States...

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Associated Equipment Company

names of lorries began with "M" (Majestic, Mammoth, Mercury, and so on), and those of buses began with "R" (Regent, Regal, Renown, and so on). These original...

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Cinemas in Portland, Oregon

advent of the silent and feature film. The city's first movie palace, the Majestic Theatre (later known as the United Artists Theatre), opened in 1911. By...

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Dino Kartsonakis

Fire 1983: Majesty 1984: A Christmas Gift 1984: Great is the Lord 1985: Regal Reign 1986: A Place For Us 1987: A Piano Portrait 1987: A Wonderful Time...

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Motown discography

October 1964 "Hello Love" "The Further You Look, the Less You See" The Majestics VIP 25010 (unreleased) United States October 1964 "Tonight's the Night"...

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Princess Cruises

famed architect Renzo Piano, entered service in 1990 as Crown Princess and Regal Princess, bringing Princess's fleet up to ten deluxe cruise ships. This...

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List of cinemas in Malaysia

Capitol Teluk Intan Regal Teluk Intan Glory Teluk Intan Rex Kuala Kangsar Empire Kuala Kangsar Cathay Kuala Kangsar Rex Kampar Majestic Kampar Princess Kampar...

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Honorific nicknames in popular music

Calloway, Earl (August 22, 1998), "Five Stairsteps remembered on ultimate Regal stage revue", Chicago Defender, XCVI (166), p. 15, ISSN 0745-7014, The Stairsteps...

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Majestic Princess

Majestic Princess is a Royal-class cruise ship currently operated by Princess Cruises, a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation & plc. Built by Fincantieri in Monfalcone, Italy, she is the third Royal-class ship in the fleet and debuted in April 2017.

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