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List of Molson Coors brands

Molson Stock Ale Molson Ultra MOVO Old Style Pilsner Old Vienna Peroni Pilsner Urquell Red Dog Redd's Redd's Apple Ale/Redd's Hard Apple Redd's Wicked Revolver...

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Blue Moon (beer)

Nectar Ale (2012) (included in the Summer 2012 Brewmaster's Sampler) Caramel Apple Spiced Ale (2012) (included in the Fall 2012 Brewmaster's Sampler)...

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Japan Workington A.F.C. Red (disambiguation) RED-S, Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport Redd's Apple Ale This disambiguation page lists articles associated...

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Carling Black Label

Carling. Although its original focus was on ale, Carling has been brewing lager-style beers since the 1870s. In 1927, as part of an overall corporate re-branding...

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Olde English 800

1980s, a 40-U.S.-fluid-ounce (1,200-milliliter) bottle. Olde English 800 was introduced in 1964. It had its origins in the late 1940s as Ruff's Olde...

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Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company

berries Creamy Dark, dark lager Leinenkugel's Original, pilsner Wisconsin Red Pale Ale, a pale ale Leinenkugel's Light, a light beer Canoe Paddler, a Kölsch...

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Carling Brewery

in Upper Canada, at what is now the city of London, Ontario. He brewed an ale which became popular, and eventually took up brewing full-time. The first...

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List of cocktails

Cider. Apple-flavored malt beverage products have also been sold my companies like Redd's Apple Ale, but these do not actually contain fermented apple juice...

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Miller Lite

Miller Brewing Company test-marketed three new recipes – an amber, a blonde ale, and a wheat – under the Miller Lite brand, marketed as Miller Lite Brewers...

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Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery

available beginning in Spring 2021. Dos Equis XX Mexican Pale Ale (MPA) is a 5.5% traditional pale ale with a Mexican twist, released in late 2018 on draught...

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Coors Brewing Company

to the Mars candy company for the production of sweets. Manna, the company's non-alcoholic beer replacement, was a near beer similar to current non-alcoholic...

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Beer in Milwaukee

Coors Light Blue Moon seasonal brews Redd's Apple Ale Produced at Leinenkugel 10th Street Brewery Leinenkugel's Shandy varieties Produced at Sprecher...

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Ireland in December 2010. It was originally an Irish red ale called "Enniscorthy Ruby Ale," and brewed from 1864 to 1956, when the brewery closed and...

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Molson Coors Beverage Company

U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) had agreed to the proposed deal only on the basis that SABMiller "spins off all its MillerCoors holdings in the U.S. —...

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Coors Light

label which turns the mountains on the label from white to blue when the beer's temperature is lowered to 39 °F (4 °C). Coors Light has a "mountain icon"...

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Sharp's Brewery

£20 million. Sharp's produce regular cask ales, seasonal ales, and pasteurised bottled beers. Doom Bar bitter (4.0 abv), the brewery's flagship ale, accounts for...

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Steel Reserve

Lager' at the World Beer Cup. Additionally, the American malt liquor style ale has been rated within the 83 percentile earning the good rating by Beeradvocate...

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Milwaukee's Best

Lager Silver medal, 2003 Great American Beer Festival, American Lager/Ale or Cream Ale Silver medal, 2006 Great American Beer Festival, American-Style Light...

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Keystone (beer brand)

found with a black can, red label Keystone Ice, introduced 1994, "ice brewed ale," found with a black label. Keystone Amber Light, introduced 1994, found...

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Mickey's is a malt liquor made by the Miller Brewing Company. It has an 5.6% ABV. Mickey's was originally brewed by Sterling Brewery in Evansville, Indiana...

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List of Molson Coors brands

Molson Coors was created by the merger of two of North America's largest breweries: Molson of Canada, and Coors of the United States, on February 9, 2005. Molson Coors acquired full ownership of the Miller brand portfolio from SABMiller in 2016. Through this acquisition and others, Molson Coors owns a number of notable beverage brands including Blue Moon, Carling, Coors Banquet, Coors Light, George Killian's Irish Red, Granville Island Brewing, Hamm's, Hop Valley, Leinenkugel's, Miller High Life, Miller Lite, Milwaukee's Best, Molson Canadian, Molson Export, Pilsner Urquell, Steel Reserve, and Terrapin. Product availability and trademark registration vary by country. In certain countries, Molson Coors Beverage Company may distribute the products under license from a third party.

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