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Sam Butcher

producing vinyl dolls. The doll business would be relaunched as Precious Moments Country Dolls in 1989 and renamed Precious Moments Company Dolls in 1992. Butcher...

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Play Along Toys

Mandy Moore Doll Sisqo Doll Aaron Carter Doll Spy Kids 2 Precious Moments Lisa Frank A*Teens Dolls Dream Dolls 2gether Dolls LFO Dolls Care Bears Cabbage...

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List of Tanglin episodes (Episodes 1-508)

convince Wafiq to change KS Foods' design and packaging. More feel-good moments for Xue Ling as Adam and her kiss and make up for the big fight the previous...

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Don't Say a Word

double-cross their leader, Patrick Koster (Sean Bean) and take off with the precious stone. Ten years later, on the day before Thanksgiving, prominent private...

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encompass modern action figures and other model figures as well as Precious Moments and Hummel figurines, Bobbleheads, Sebastian Miniatures and other kinds...

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Deaths in 2021

cardiologist and academic, COVID-19. Erica Watson, 48, American actress (Precious, Chi-Raq), complications from COVID-19. Tarek El-Bishry, 87, Egyptian intellectual...

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Into the Badlands (TV series)

massive workforce of slaves called cogs, as well as a prostitute class called dolls. A baron maintains power through an army of young men and women called clippers:...

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Accidents and incidents involving the North American P-51 Mustang

down over Germany in November 1944. 18 September 1988 World Jet P-51XR "Precious Metal" ("Race 9"), N6WJ, piloted by Don Whittington, blew its engine during...

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List of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episodes

ways with Shikadai and the others, Kirara appears and turns them into “dolls” that must obey her, ordering the two to kill each other. Meanwhile, thinking...

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Brie Larson

2016). "Wiener-Dog cast and director: 'Cute pets are often seen as more precious than human lives'". The Independent. Archived from the original on June...

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Ryan Gosling

musicians" and Entertainment Weekly criticized its "cloying, gothic preciousness". In September 2009, Gosling and Shields had a three-night residency...

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Pressman Toy Corporation

Notion Pirates' Plunder Pokerkub Powerpuff Girls – Save the Day Game Precious Moments Game Quad-Ominos (out of production) Quarto! Read My Lips, 1990 Real...

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she first saw it, and Gina Carano said of Grogu: "That was our precious. Our precious is this being that we all end up taking care of in some way." Emily...

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Ice Age: Continental Drift

and the rest of The Herd hostage. A fight ensues, as Granny's pet whale, Precious, arrives and fends off Gutt's crew. Manny defeats Gutt in a final duel...

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preside at the celebration of the sacraments. The pretiosa ('precious') is decorated with precious stones and gold and worn on the principal Mass on the most...

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Philip K. Dick

people to go to the colonies. Most entertain themselves using "Perky Pat" dolls and accessories manufactured by Earth-based "P.P. Layouts". The company...

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Bronner's Christmas Wonderland

are sold.[citation needed] Bronner's has the exclusive right to sell Precious Moments Christmas-themed figurines. With the government of Austria's permission...

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

on the screenwriters include musical films like Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Dig!, and particularly Phantom of the Paradise. The film also takes on...

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Kristin Chenoweth

ingenue is delightful". She made her Broadway debut in the spring of 1997 as Precious McGuire in the musical Steel Pier by Kander and Ebb, for which she won...

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Hattie McDaniel

2010, Mo'Nique, the winner of the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Precious, wearing a blue dress and gardenias in her hair, as McDaniel had at the...

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Sam Butcher

Samuel "Sam" John Butcher (born January 1, 1939) is an American artist. He is mainly known as the artist behind the Precious Moments brand of characters based on American-Christian themes. He draws in oil, water-color, acrylic, and mixed-media.

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