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Perfect Teeth

Perfect Teeth is the seventh and final studio album by Washington, D.C. Indie band Unrest, released on August 9, 1993 through 4AD. The album was recorded...

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Sofía Vergara

Lee (December 31, 2006). "Sofia Vergara gets a role she can sink her perfect teeth into". The Free Lance–Star. Retrieved October 28, 2008.[permanent dead...

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Squid (band)

Centre (2019, Speedy Wunderground) Natural Resources (2020, Bandcamp) "Perfect Teeth" (2016) "Terrestrial Changeover Blues (2007 - 2012)" (2018, Practise...

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Shark tooth

one of the numerous teeth of a shark. Sharks continually shed their teeth; some Carcharhiniformes shed approximately 35,000 teeth in a lifetime, replacing...

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Unrest (band)

albums released with this line up, 1992's Imperial f.f.r.r. and 1993's Perfect Teeth (distributed by the influential British label 4AD Records) featured...

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Fight Club

visited a dentist to have pieces of his front teeth chipped off so his character would not have perfect teeth. The pieces were restored after filming concluded...

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Million Dollar Smile

sequence in which she sees what her life would be like if she had had perfect teeth. At the same time, Justin Suarez (Mark Indelicato) tries to contact...

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Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC is an American video production company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2003 by Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, Geoff...

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Meth mouth

of the lead characters, Jesse Pinkman, (played by Aaron Paul), had perfect teeth because he felt this was unrealistic, given the amount of meth the character...

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A malocclusion is a misalignment or incorrect relation between the teeth of the upper and lower dental arches when they approach each other as the jaws...

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Murder of Dana Dodd

Two of her deciduous teeth were still present and were expected to be of help in determining her identity. She had perfect teeth without cavities or fillings...

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teeth"). This expression originated in Napoleon's time: when the Napoleonic army recruited, it was imperative that soldiers had incisors in perfect condition...

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Shane MacGowan

known for having very bad teeth. He lost the last of his natural teeth sometime around 2008. In 2015, he had a new set of teeth—with one gold tooth—fitted...

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ABO blood group system

claims that group A causes severe hangovers, group O is associated with perfect teeth, and those with blood group A2 have the highest IQs. Scientific evidence...

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members of the family had dental problems, the unaffected members had perfect teeth. Julia Pastrana (1834–1860) travelled throughout the United States in...

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Waffen-SS foreign volunteers and conscripts

(5 ft 10 in) for the Leibstandarte). Recruits were required to have perfect teeth and eyesight and provide a medical certificate. By 1938, the height...

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Aribert Heim

the incident Lotter stated that Heim "needed the head because of its perfect teeth". Other survivors of the Holocaust referred to Aribert removing tattooed...

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List of The Fairly OddParents characters

"Scary GodParents", and "Shiny Teeth"; Butch Hartman onwards) is an evil dentist. He has an obsession with perfect teeth, wears dentures that keep his...

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Uglies series

starting with giving the face perfect symmetrical proportions and new plastic cheekbones. Natural teeth are replaced with teeth made of aircraft ceramic....

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List of Yowamushi Pedal episodes

Almost as if in response to his emotional breakdown, one of Midosuji's perfect teeth take the moment to crack, and Midosuji declares himself just another...

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Perfect Teeth

Perfect Teeth is the seventh and final studio album by Washington, D.C. Indie band Unrest, released on August 9, 1993 through 4AD. The album was recorded at Pachyderm Studios. Unrest initially joked with their management about having Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran produce the album, which led to him coming into the studio, but not being involved with production. Perfect Teeth was Unrest's highest selling album, and was initially released as a box set of 7" vinyl records before being released in other formats such as compact disc and cassette. The album received positive reviews from Select, Spin and the Chicago Tribune but was dismissed by Entertainment Weekly who found that the music lacked depth. Retrospective reviews in AllMusic referred to the album as Unrest's peak while Spin echoed Entertainment Weekly's opinion.

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