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Olbas Oil

several trademarked olbas oil products available Olbas Oil Olbas for children Olbas inhaler Olbas Pastilles Olbas Menthol Lozenges Olbas bath Active ingredients...

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Cajeput oil

inhalants/decongestants and topical pain/inflammation remedies such as Olbas Oil. Cajeput is used for the treatment of bacterial or fungal infections in...

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Eucalyptus oil

Corymbia citriodora, which produces a citronellal-based oil. British Pharmacopoeia Essential oil Olbas Oil, a combination of oils from Eucalyptus, peppermint...

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Cajeput tree

Archived from the original on 23 March 2013. Retrieved 19 May 2013. Olbas formula: Cajeput Oil "Phadia.com: Allergen-information/Tree-pollen/Melaleuca/Cajeput...

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South West England

railway; on other side of the railway in Elmbridge is Lanes Health who make Olbas Oil and Kalms; to the south, EDF Energy (former British Energy) have their...

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Olba Kingdom

Olba Kingdom was an ancient kingdom in south Anatolia. It was a vassal of the Seleucid and Roman Empires. The kingdom was a small state situated in Cilicia...

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The Manor Academy

three teachers were suspended following an April Fool's Day prank where Olbas Oil was introduced into a drink of tea, which caused a trainee teacher to...

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Mersin Province

Aqueduct Mancınık Castle Mamure Castle Meydancık Castle Mezgitkale Mut Castle Olba (ancient city) Öküzlü ruins Paşa Türbesi Roman road in Cilicia Saint Paul's...

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Lloyd’s on the cargo of the Possidhon, which was olive oil. He claimed to be a broker marketing the oil produced by certain pashas and now wished to sell it...

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owned cotton spinning mill. The city also produced soap made of refuse olive oil. An ironworks, also owned by the British, produced tools and equipment. Those...

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Ancient Greek temple

26-27 Detlev Wannagat: Zur Säulenordnung des Zeustempels von Olba-Diokaisareia. In: Olba II. First International Symposium on Cilician Archaeology, Mersin...

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October. The photography associations Mersin Fotoğraf Derneği (MFD) and Mersin Olba Fotoğraf Derneği (MOF) are amongst the most popular and active cultural organizations...

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Kanlıdivane - an ancient city around a big sinkhole dating back to ancient Olba Kingdom. Paşa Türbesi - a small Seljuk-era (13th century) tomb and there...

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agricultural processing and related activities (production of flour and olive oil, basic textiles, leather goods, agricultural tools and instruments, cotton...

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Pont du Gard

incorporating minute shards of pottery and tile. It was painted with olive oil and covered with maltha, a mixture of slaked lime, pork grease and the viscous...

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far as Aspendos, and the city derived great wealth from a trade in salt, oil and wool. Aspendos did not play an important role in antiquity as a political...

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Side, Turkey

prosperous period as a commercial centre in Asia Minor through its trade in olive oil. Its population grew to 60,000 inhabitants. This period would last well into...

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remains of a single-arched bridge over the Arpa river; the ruins of numerous oil-presses and several bath houses; the remains of a second mosque with a collapsed...

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important place for the local economy. Sucrose, dairy products, egg, sunflower oil, provender, flour, yeast are major agro-based industries in Amasya; the industrial...

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pits. The olive oil obtained turned out to be quite a success in business terms as well.[citation needed] The reconstructed olive oil press is located...

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Olbas Oil

Olbas Oil is a remedy, of Swiss origin, for congestion in the chest and nose, some hayfever relief (in certain cases) and also for muscle ache via massage. It is made from a mixture of several different essential oils and has been marketed since before 1916. The name is a contraction of Oleum Basileum, "oil from Basel".

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