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Nickel titanium

of nickel, e.g. Nitinol 55 and Nitinol 60. It exhibits the shape memory effect and superelasticity at different temperatures. Nitinol alloys exhibit two...

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Nitinol biocompatibility

Nitinol biocompatibility is an important factor in biomedical applications. Nitinol (NiTi), which is formed by alloying nickel and titanium (~ 50% Ni)...

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Nitinol 60

NiTiNOL 60, or 60 NiTiNOL, is a Nickel Titanium alloy (nominally Ni-40wt% Ti) discovered in the late 1950s by the U. S. Naval Ordnance Laboratory (hence...

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T; Shindelman, L.; Nackman, G.; Graham, A. (2003). "Efficacious Use of Nitinol Stents in the Femoral and Popliteal Arteries". Journal of Vascular Surgery...

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Shape-memory alloy

typically with lower symmetry. For a monoclinic martensitic material such as Nitinol, the monoclinic phase has lower symmetry which is important as certain...

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Tracheal collapse

shown more promise for success with intrathoracic cases, especially using nitinol, a type of shape memory alloy composed of nickel and titanium. Potential...

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Niti can refer to: Nickel titanium alloy or Nitinol Shape memory alloy Niti Valley and Niti Pass in the Indian state of Uttarakhand NITI, a Bulgarian...

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Ventricular septal defect

A nitinol device for closing muscular VSDs, 4 mm diameter in the centre. It is shown mounted on the catheter into which it will be withdrawn during insertion...

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Dental braces

tighten braces. In 1959, NASA made an alloy of nickel and titanium called Nitinol to be utilized for solar panels and antennae on their satellites. In 1979...

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The R-phase is a phase found in nitinol, a shape-memory alloy. It is a martensitic phase in nature, but is not the martensite that is responsible for...

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List of named alloys

cobalt, titanium), used in jet engine turbine blades Nisil (silicon) Nitinol (titanium, shape memory alloy) Magnetically "soft" alloys Mu-metal (iron)...

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memory effect and superelasticity are manifestations of ferroelasticity. Nitinol (nickel titanium), a common ferroelastic alloy, can display either superelasticity...

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Instead of sewing, the graft tube ends, made rigid and expandable by nitinol wireframe, can be easily inserted in its reduced diameter into the vascular...

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BEAM robotics

move their legs (typically 3 motors or less). Muscle Wire Driven: use Nitinol (nickel - titanium alloy) wires for their leg actuators. Swimmers: Robots...

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Surgery for benign prostatic hyperplasia

ejaculation and have fewer unwanted effects on erections. Temporary implantable nitinol device (marketed as TIND and iTIND) is a device that is placed in the urethra...

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Crystal twinning

boundaries is responsible for the pseudoelastic and shape-memory behavior of nitinol, and their presence is partly responsible for the hardness due to quenching...

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Atrial septal defect

connected to each other with a 4-mm waist, made up of 0.004– to 0.005-inch Nitinol wire mesh filled with Dacron fabric. Implantation of the device is relatively...

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some robot applications. Muscle wire, also known as shape memory alloy, Nitinol® or Flexinol® wire, is a material which contracts (under 5%) when electricity...

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Surgical scissors

Usually material of surgical scissor are stainless steel, zirconia ceramic, nitinol and titanium. Metzenbaum scissors Mayo scissors Bandage Scissors Spring...

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Heparin mimicking polymers

state, allowing the nitinol to resume its corkscrew shape. Retrieval of the blood clot occurs through a pull back motion. The nitinol is engulfed in a tight...

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Nickel titanium

Nickel titanium, also known as Nitinol, is a metal alloy of nickel and titanium, where the two elements are present in roughly equal atomic percentages. Different alloys are named according to the weight percentage of nickel, e.g. Nitinol 55 and Nitinol 60. It exhibits the shape memory effect and superelasticity at different temperatures. Nitinol alloys exhibit two closely related and unique properties: the shape memory effect and superelasticity (also called pseudoelasticity). Shape memory is the ability of nitinol to undergo deformation at one temperature, stay in its deformed shape when the external force is removed, then recover its original, undeformed shape upon heating above its "transformation temperature". Superelasticity is the ability for the metal to undergo large deformations and immediately return to its undeformed shape upon removal of the external load. Nitinol can deform 10-30 times as much as ordinary metals and return to its original shape. Whether nitinol behaves with the shape memory effect or superelasticity depends on whether it is above the transformation temperature of the specific alloy. Below the transformation temperature it exhibits the shape memory effect, and above that temperature it behaves superelastically.

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