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United States, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the Republic of Palau accorded the former entities of the...

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List of airline codes

designator). Historical assignments are also included for completeness. All 0–9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z * on IATA code indicates a controlled...

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Chicago Cubs

History. New York: Smithsonian Books. ISBN 978-0-06-088937-1. Wright, Marshall (2000). The National Association of Base Ball Players, 1857–1870. Jefferson...

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from the original on April 4, 2016. Retrieved November 17, 2016. Griffin, Marshall (January 14, 2014). "'Right-to-work' bill praised and blasted in House...

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Adrian Smith

Anniversary 6100LM 100-Watt All-Tube Heads Two Marshall DSL100 JCM2000 Amplifiers Marshall 9200 Rack Power Amp Marshall JVM410H Blackstar Series One 104EL34 Blackstar...

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Chicago White Sox

Scandal. This set the franchise back, as they did not win another pennant for 40 years. The White Sox did not finish in the upper half of the American League...

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Dave Murray (musician)

Series Model 2 x Marshall 1960B Straight Cabinet / 4x12 300-Watt Loaded with Celestion 12" G12T 75 Watt Speakers 3 x Marshall JCM 2000 DSL tube heads (rack...

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St. Louis Cardinals

2017, the team took in revenue of $319 million on an operating income of $40.0 million. John Mozeliak is the President of Baseball Operations, Mike Girsch...

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List of National Inventors Hall of Fame inductees

Refrigeration [304] 2018 Howard S. Jones 1921 2005 Conformal antenna [305] 2017 Marshall Jones 1941 — Industrial laser [306] 2013 Kenneth Jordan 1921 2008 Radioisotope...

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Huntsville, Alabama

Tennessee River, adding textile mills, then munitions factories, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command...

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List of law school GPA curves

"ACADEMIC RULES AND REGULATIONS" (PDF). Penn State Dickinson School of Law – www.dsl.psu.edu Archived 2008-05-20 at the Wayback Machine http://law.pitt.edu/pp/grading...

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List of Pakistan One Day International cricket records

Yardley (c Wasim Bari) • Geoff Lawson (b) Niaz Stadium, Hyderabad 20 September 1982 2 Wasim Akram  West Indies • Jeff Dujon (b) • Malcolm Marshall (b) • Curtly...

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to be processed using a personal computer with the assistance of David Marshall, FAO Adviser on Agricultural Statistics, advising UNFPA Demographer Dr...

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Sprint Corporation

Billion Merger". The New York Times. ISSN 0362-4331. Retrieved June 2, 2020. Marshall, Jonathan (September 24, 1997). "RadioShack, Sprint Team Up / Phone outlets...

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Worcester, Massachusetts

Center and digital arts auditorium, and event Center. Worcester was home to Marshall Walter ("Major") Taylor, an African American cyclist who won the world...

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List of telephone operating companies

 Saint Kitts and Nevis  Liechtenstein  Saint Martin (France)  Monaco  Marshall Islands  Northern Mariana Islands (USA)  Montserrat (UK)  Norfolk Island...

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2019 Washington Nationals season

the first time in Nationals franchise history. This was also Washington, D.C.'s first appearance in the World Series since the American League's Senators...

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Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

archived copy as title (link) Wicken, William C. (2002). Mi'kmaq Treaties on Trial: History, Land and Donald Marshall Junior. University of Toronto Press. p...

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2018 Milwaukee Brewers season

Greinke (0–1) 3–1 8,370 W1 5 February 26 Indians 1:05pm 7–6 Frieri (1–0) Marshall (0–1) Davis (1) 4–1 2,360 W2 6 February 27 Reds 1:05pm 6–3 Brady (1–0)...

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Detroit Rock City

" and later as the subject of a movie which Marshall Mathers undoubtedly snuck into for free. "VH1 - 40 Greatest Metal Songs". Music Database. Retrieved...

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Guam ( (listen); Chamorro: Guåhan [ˈɡʷɑhɑn]) is an organized, unincorporated territory of the United States in the Micronesia subregion of the western Pacific Ocean. It is the westernmost point and territory of the United States; in Oceania, it is the largest and southernmost of the Mariana Islands and the largest island in Micronesia. Guam's capital is Hagåtña, and the most populous city is Dededo. Residents of Guam are American citizens by birth. Indigenous Guamanians are the CHamoru, historically known as the Chamorro, who are related to the Austronesian peoples of Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Micronesia, and Polynesia. As of 2021, Guam's population is 168,801. CHamorus are the largest ethnic group, but a minority on the multi-ethnic island. The territory spans 210 square miles (540 km2; 130,000 acres) and has a population density of 775 per square mile (299/km2). The Chamoru people settled the island approximately 3,500 years ago. Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, while in the service of Spain, was the first European to visit the island on March 6, 1521. Guam was colonized by Spain in 1668. Between the 16th and 18th centuries, Guam was an important stopover for the Spanish Manila Galleons. During the Spanish–American War, the United States captured Guam on June 21, 1898. Under the Treaty of Paris, signed December 10, 1898, Spain ceded Guam to the U.S. effective April 11, 1899. Before World War II, Guam was one of five American jurisdictions in the Pacific Ocean, along with Wake Island in Micronesia, American Samoa and Hawaii in Polynesia, and the Philippines. On December 8, 1941, hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Guam was captured by the Japanese, who occupied the island for two and a half years. During the occupation, Guamanians were subjected to forced labor, incarceration, torture and execution. American forces recaptured the island on July 21, 1944, which is commemorated as Liberation Day. Since the 1960s, Guam's economy has been supported primarily by tourism and the U.S. military, for which Guam is a major strategic asset.An unofficial but frequently used territorial motto is "Where America's Day Begins," which refers to the island's proximity to the International Date Line. Guam is among the 17 non-self-governing territories listed by the United Nations, and has been a member of the Pacific Community since 1983.

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