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Mount Takahe

Amundsen Sea. It is a c. 30-kilometre-wide (19 mi) mountain with parasitic vents and a caldera up to 8 kilometres (5 mi) wide. Most of the volcano is formed...

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magnetic field. The solar magnetic field extends well beyond the Sun itself. The electrically conducting solar wind plasma carries the Sun's magnetic...

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Les Chants Magnétiques

ISBN 0-00-433255-5 "Les Meilleures Ventes de CD". Info Disc. Retrieved 20 September 2019. "Dutch album certifications – Jean-Michel Jarre – Magnetic Fields" (in Dutch)...

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Induction cooking

alternating electric current is passed through it. The resulting oscillating magnetic field wirelessly induces an electrical current in the vessel. This large...

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Terraforming of Mars

include low gravity, low light levels relative to Earth’s, and the lack of a magnetic field. Disagreement exists about whether current technology could render...

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Mercury (planet)

of the magnetic field are stable. It is likely that this magnetic field is generated by a dynamo effect, in a manner similar to the magnetic field of...

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Daft Punk discography

Apple Music". iTunes. Retrieved 20 April 2020. "InfoDisc : Les Meilleures Ventes de CD (Albums) depuis 2000" (in French). InfoDisc. Retrieved 2 December...

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with a solid iron inner core, a liquid outer core that generates Earth's magnetic field, and a convecting mantle that drives plate tectonics. According to...

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Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology

geomorphology (thin soil cover or sparse vegetation; low degree of erosion and dissection; young vent features; with or without vegetation cover). Suspected seismic...

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Safety of magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is in general a safe technique, although injuries may occur as a result of failed safety procedures or human error. During...

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Rainbow Vent Field

The Rainbow hydrothermal vent field is a system of ultramafic-hosted hydrothermal vents located at 36°14'N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR). It was discovered...

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List of 2021 albums

~for covers only~" 収録曲のライナーノーツ付きリリックビデオを11日間連続公開スタート" [Deen releases lyric video with liner notes for songs from cover album "Pop in City ~ for covers only...

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thought to give rise to Saturn's planetary magnetic field, which is weaker than the Earth's, but which has a magnetic moment 580 times that of Earth due to...

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that covers approximately 40% of its surface. Rather than uniformly covering and protecting the atmosphere from solar wind, however, the magnetic field...

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Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-02) is a particle physics experiment module that is mounted on the International Space Station (ISS). The experiment...

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Mount Vesuvius

although its current activity produces little more than sulfur-rich steam from vents at the bottom and walls of the crater. Vesuvius is a stratovolcano at the...

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List of The Curse of Oak Island episodes

Bob Leonard present a map that they claim to have prepared from nuclear magnetic resonance imaging scans that show the island is hiding a web of tunnels...

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Chevrolet Corvette (C7)

surely be the C7's most controversial styling elements. It's all creases and vents back there, with aggressive trapezoidal taillights similar to those found...

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Io (moon)

extreme cases, large (often reaching beyond 450 km or 280 mi from the central vent) red rings. A prominent example of a red-ring plume deposit is located at...

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Erlenmeyer flask

Erlenmeyer flasks used in cell culture are sterilized and may feature vented closures to enhance gas exchange during incubation and shaking. The use...

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Mount Takahe

Mount Takahe is a 3,460-metre-high (11,350 ft) snow-covered shield volcano in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica, 200 kilometres (120 mi) from the Amundsen Sea. It is a c. 30-kilometre-wide (19 mi) mountain with parasitic vents and a caldera up to 8 kilometres (5 mi) wide. Most of the volcano is formed by trachytic lava flows, but hyaloclastite is also found. Snow, ice, and glaciers cover most of Mount Takahe. With a volume of 780 km3 (200 cu mi), it is a massive volcano; the parts of the edifice that are buried underneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet are probably even larger. It is part of the West Antarctic Rift System along with eighteen other known volcanoes. The volcano was active in the Quaternary age, from 2.5 million years ago to the present. Radiometric dating has yielded ages of up to 300,000 years for its rocks, and it reached its present height about 200,000 years ago. Several tephra layers encountered in ice cores at Mount Waesche and Byrd Station have been attributed to Mount Takahe, although some of them were later linked to eruptions of Mount Berlin instead. The tephra layers were formed by explosive or phreatomagmatic eruptions. Major eruptions took place around 17,700 years ago—possibly forming an ozone hole over Antarctica—and in the early Holocene. Mount Takahe's last eruption occurred about 7,600 years ago, and there is no present-day activity.

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