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carrying. In the United States a lunchbox may also be termed a lunch pail, lunch bucket or lunch tin, either as single words or paired. The concept of a food...

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Lunch pail Democrat

In United States politics, the term lunch pail Democrat, lunchbox Democrat, or lunchbucket Democrat refers to members of the Democratic Party of a "blue...

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Bud Foster

battered metal lunch pail has been the symbol of Virginia Tech's blue-collar mentality on defense. Each week a list of goals is put in the lunch pail and a player...

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Virginia Tech Hokies football

battered metal lunch pail was chosen as a symbol of a no-name, blue-collar defense. Each week a list of goals in put in the lunch pail and a player is...

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Paper bag

General Mills and American Can. While in the United States the lunch box or lunch pail has been used as a symbol of the working class, Safire wrote: "In...

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in a sandpit Though not always bucket shaped, lunch boxes are sometimes known as lunch pails or a lunch bucket. Buckets can be repurposed as seats, tool...

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Tyrone Hill

the Los Angeles Lakers. He is frequently referred to as the ultimate "lunch pail and hard hat" player, due to his rugged style of play and relentless defense...

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contractor. All Bisbee turquoise was "lunch pail" mined. It came out of the copper ore mine in miners' lunch pails. Morenci and Turquoise Peak are either...

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Bruins–Canadiens rivalry

due to the departure of Orr and Phil Esposito were rebuilt into the "Lunch Pail Athletic Club," with Head Coach Don Cherry encouraging physical play and...

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Lunch box (disambiguation)

to blue-collar voters, as in Lunch pail Democrat This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Lunch box. If an internal link led...

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Don Cherry

team with enforcers and grinders which became known as the "lunch-pail gang" (or "lunch pail A.C.") and "the Big Bad Bruins", with Esposito and Carol Vadnais...

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Sally and Saint Anne

day at school she can’t find her lunch pail so she prays to Saint Anne, asking for her intercession. When her lunch pail is returned to her, Sally begins...

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containing a surprise. Kōbako, a decorative storage box Lunch box, or "lunch pail" or "lunch kit", a rigid container used for carrying food. Can also...

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Stacey King

to post videos to Facebook?" (when a player dunks the ball) "Hard hat, lunch pail, always punching the clock" (Taj Gibson) "Secretary of Defense!" (Taj...

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Casey Jones (TV series)

special prisoner aboard the Cannonball, and finds an unexpected use for his lunch pail. Guest stars: Joe De Santis, Lee Roberts, Patrick Sexton, Don Carlos,...

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Quecreek Mine rescue

Fogle in particular encouraged them, confident of rescue. Dennis Hall's lunch pail was discovered floating and was retrieved, with the still dry corned beef...

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Clay Zavada

ymd=20090701&content_id=5648484&vkey=news_ari&fext=.jsp&c_id=ari 'Clay Zavada: A Lunch-Pail Prospect for the Diamondbacks,' New York Times, Katie Thomas, December...

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Brad Park

with free tickets to the next Boston home game. From 1977-79, Cherry's "Lunch Pail A.C." captured three division titles for the Bruins. Park earned two First...

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Murder of Thelma Taylor

and the knife into the river, wiped his fingerprints off of Taylor's lunch pail, and gathered up his cigarette butts. Leland buried Taylor's body in a...

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High grading

highest grades of ore they encountered during their work day in a pocket or lunch pail, or within the body, and later attempt to fence it on the black market...

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A lunch box (alt. spelling lunchbox) refers to a hand-held container used to transport food, usually to work or to school. It is commonly made of metal or plastic, is reasonably airtight and often has a handle for carrying.

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