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Yuri Nakamura (singer)

released on DVD Garnet Crow livescope 2010+ ~Welcome to the Parallel Universe ~. In 2013 after their final live tour Livescope 2013 -Final-, the band has...

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Best (Garnet Crow album)

Hitokoto de was introduced for the first time in their live tour GARNET CROW livescope 2005 ~I'm waiting 4 you & live~ before the official recording release...

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Garnet Crow discography

! ~Livescope at the JCB Hall~ 20 May 2009 8,043 4 7th Garnet Crow Livescope 2010 ~THE BEST TOUR~ 4 August 2010 8,225 2 8th Garnet Crow Livescope 2009...

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I'm Waiting 4 You

Blue was performed for the first time in their live tour Garnet Crow Livescope 2004 -Kimi to Iu Hikari- before the official recording release. "I'm Waiting...

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Yuri Nakamura (singer)

Yuri Nakamura (中村由利, Nakamura Yuri) is a Japanese musical composer and singer under Giza Studio label. In years 1999-2013 she was a vocalist and composer of Japanese pop band Garnet Crow.

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