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Joe Boxer

Joe Boxer (also known as Box-oh-Joes or BJ) is a brand of underwear and related apparel founded by Nicholas Graham. The brand pioneered the concept of...

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Joe Joyce (boxer)

Joseph Obey Joyce (born 19 September 1985) is a British professional boxer who has held the British, Commonwealth, European, WBC Silver, and WBO International...

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Joe Boxers

Joe Boxers may refer to: Joe Boxer, a brand of underwear JoBoxers, a British rock band active 1982–1985 This disambiguation page lists articles associated...

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Iconix Brand Group

purchased in 1998. The Badgley Mischka brand was purchased in 2004. The Joe Boxer and Rampage brands were acquired on July 22, 2005, and September 15, 2005...

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Joe Hughes (boxer)

Joe Hughes (born 6 August 1990) is an English professional boxer who was born with Erb's palsy. He held the European light-welterweight title from 2018...

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Joe Lydon (boxer)

American boxer Jack Egan. He also competed at the soccer tournament in the 1904 Olympics and his team Christian Brothers College took silver medals. "Joe Lydon"...

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Joe Erskine (Welsh boxer)

For Joe Erskine, the American welterweight boxer and long distance runner, see Joe Erskine. Joseph Erskine (26 January 1934 – 18 February 1990) was a heavyweight...

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Joe Smith Jr.

Joe Smith Jr. (born September 20, 1989) is an American professional boxer. He has held the WBO light heavyweight title since April 2021 and previously...

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Nicholas Graham

Windsong Allegiance, which signed an exclusive deal with Kmart to sell Joe Boxer products ranging from underwear and sheets to shower curtains and watches...

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Civilian Space eXploration Team

Machine Joe Boxer Corp (1996). Joe Boxer and World Class Rocketeer Ky Michaelson Make History. Retrieved on 2014-10-27. http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Joe...

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David Bitton Candie's Cannon Danskin Ed Hardy Ecko Unltd. Fieldcrest Joe Boxer Lee Cooper London Fog Material Girl Modern Amusement Mossimo Mudd Ocean...

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Joe Brown (boxer)

Joe Brown (May 18, 1926 – December 4, 1997) was an American professional boxer who won the world lightweight title in 1956, making 11 successful defenses...

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Joe Lynch (boxer)

Joseph "Joe" Aloysius Lynch (November 30, 1898 – August 1, 1965) was an American boxer who held the World Bantamweight Championship during his career....

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Joe Greene (boxer)

Joe Greene (born February 15, 1986) in Brooklyn, New York but now resides and trains in Queens is a professional middleweight American boxer. At a height...

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Emporio Armani Fruit of the Loom Hanes Hugo Boss Jockey International Joe Boxer Munsingwear Pringle John Smedley's Stanfield's Under Armour XTG Extreme...

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Joe Bernstein (boxer)

Featherweight Joe Bernstein (November 7, 1877 – 1931) was one of the first great boxers to emerge from New York's Lower East Side. He fought for the featherweight...

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Joe Goddard (boxer)

Joe Goddard (25 November 1857 – 21 January 1903) was an Australian boxer known for his great strength, durability, and punching power. He stood 6' 0" (185 cm)...

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Joe Ward (boxer)

Joseph Ward (born 30 October 1993) is an Irish professional boxer. As an amateur, he won gold medals at the 2011, 2015 and 2017 European Championships...

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Joe Knight (boxer)

Joe Knight, (January 15, 1909 – July 1, 1976) was an American boxer born in Cairo, GA. The National Boxing Association awarded Knight the World Light...

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Joe Benjamin (boxer)

1921. On December 26, 1921, he fought eight rounds with fellow Jewish boxer Joe Tiplitz before an enthusiastic audience at the new Olympia Athletic Club...

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Joe Boxer

Joe Boxer (also known as Box-oh-Joes or BJ) is a brand of underwear and related apparel founded by Nicholas Graham. The brand pioneered the concept of novelty hanging underwear. In the United States, Joe Boxer products are currently sold exclusively at Kmart and Sears. Outside the U.S., they are sold at select retailers such as The Bay in Canada, but Joe Boxer is in the process of opening its own branded boutiques in Canada. Their underwear was known for having the words "Change Daily" printed on the label. In April 2001, the Joe Boxer brand, which was facing bankruptcy, was sold to Windsong Allegiance in exchange for the assumption of existing debt. Bill Sweedler, CEO of Windsong, took over as CEO, retaining Nicholas Graham in an advisory role. Iconix bought Joe Boxer in 2005, making it a wholly owned subsidiary of Iconix Brand Group.

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