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The Jazz Showcase

The Jazz Showcase is the oldest jazz club in Chicago, Illinois, founded in 1947 by NEA Jazz Master Joe Segal, whose son Wayne now owns and operates the...

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Shabaka Hutchings

African Jazz" (interview), Bandcamp Daily, 2016-09-12. NY Times - Ambassadors of London's Revitalised Jazz Scene come to New York - UK Jazz showcase article...

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Lighthouse Café

It has been active as a jazz showcase since 1949 and, under the name "The Lighthouse", was one of the central West Coast jazz clubs from the 1950s through...

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often showcase jazz interpretation as part of their performance. Richard S. Ginell of AllMusic considers Roy Ayers "one of the prophets of acid jazz." Nu...

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Chet Baker discography

Mystery (World Pacific, 1968) With others Harry Babasin, On the Coast (Jazz Showcase, 1978) Ron Carter, Patrão (Milestone, 1981) Philip Catherine, Jean-Louis...

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List of jazz contrafacts

by jazz artists. Reich, Howard. "Kurt Rosenwinkel at Jazz Showcase". chicagotribune.com. Retrieved 2020-08-31. Cerra, Steven (2019-09-07). "Jazz Profiles:...

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Chicago Revisited: Live at Joe Segal's Jazz Showcase

Chicago Revisited: Live at Joe Segal's Jazz Showcase is a live album by American jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal featuring performances recorded in Chicago in...

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King of Jazz

each with a dash of other colors mixed in, but no blue dye. King of Jazz was to showcase a spectacular presentation of George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue...

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Charles Thompson (jazz)

Blue, 1974) Robbins' Nest: Live at the Jazz Showcase (Delmark, 2000) I Got Rhythm: Live at the Jazz Showcase (Delmark, 2001) With Buck Clayton The Huckle-Buck...

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Jazz Institute of Chicago

owner of The Jazz Showcase, Bob Koester, owner of Delmark Records, Don DeMicheal, drummer and editor of Down Beat magazine, and jazz promoter and supporter...

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That Thing You Do!

Globe Award for Best Original Song. In 1964, Guy Patterson, an aspiring jazz drummer, is working in his family's appliance store when he is asked by Jimmy...

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Art Ensemble of Chicago

Press, 2008. Shipton, Alyn. A New History of Jazz. London: Continuum, 2001. 1982 - Live From the Jazz Showcase: The Art Ensemble of Chicago (directed by...

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List of jazz venues in the United States

Orchid Club DeLisa Constellation Jazz Club Friar's Inn (1920s) Green Mill Cocktail Lounge HotHouse The Jazz Showcase Kelly's Stables London House Macomba...

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Utah Jazz

"The 2023 NBA All-Star Game is coming to Salt Lake City as Utah Jazz awarded showcase event". Deseret News. Retrieved October 23, 2019. Griffin, Taylor...

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Charlie Parker discography

Bird (Stash) Various Artists - Alto Saxes (Norgran) Bird On The Road (Jazz Showcase) Charlie Parker/Dizzy Gillespie - Bird And Diz (Universal (Japan)) Charlie...

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Ira Sullivan

collaborator Stu Katz, jazz pianist and vibraphonist, co-led a multi-night performance with Katz at Joe Segal's The Jazz Showcase in Chicago. A live recording...

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Richie Cole (musician)

Richie Cole: Live from the Jazz Showcase Recorded at Joe Segal's Jazz Showcase in Chicago on May 6, 1979 (50 minutes) Jazz Legends Live! – part 9 of 13...

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Louie Bellson

Salute to the Big Band Masters (Musicmasters) 1992 Live at the Jazz Showcase (Concord Jazz) 1992 Peaceful Thunder (Musicmasters) 1994 Live from New York...

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Jazz re:freshed

award for services to music. Jazz re:freshed promote and publish young British jazz musicians. They have run a showcase at the South by Southwest festival...

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Gunhild Carling

Gunhild Carling (born 7 May 1975) is a Swedish jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist. She is famous for playing trombone. Carling became known for her...

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The Jazz Showcase

The Jazz Showcase is the oldest jazz club in Chicago, Illinois, founded in 1947 by NEA Jazz Master Joe Segal, whose son Wayne now owns and operates the venue. Segal's various showcases have served as a launch pad for a number of career jazz musicians.

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