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1972 Trans-American Sedan Championship

Camaro 9 22 23 13 2 24= Warren Fairbanks Chevrolet Camaro 9 2 24= David Hoselton Ford Mustang 15 9 2 24= Steve Ross Chevrolet Camaro 20 10 12 10 2 28= Fred...

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1972 Trans-American Sedan Championship

The 1972 Trans-American Championship was the seventh running of the Sports Car Club of America's Trans-Am Series. The first seven rounds used split classes, while the last four classes had the Under 2500cc class only. Milt Minter brought Pontiac its first win, at Mid-Ohio. George Follmer and American Motors won the over 2.5L division, while John Morton led Datsun to the championship title of the "Two-Five Challenge". 1972 is considered to be the end of the series' "golden era". From 1973 onward, Trans Am would evolve into a lesser clone of the rival IMSA GT Championship, with similarly modified cars, but with a more conventional focus with vehicles such as the Chevrolet Beretta being used. IMSA GT's focus on exotic cars such as Ferraris and Porsches provided a more adaptable format, in comparison to Trans Am's reliance on domestic performance sedans.

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