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Horror vacui

In visual art, horror vacui (UK: /ˌhɒrər ˈvækjuaɪ/, US: /- ˈvɑːk-/; Latin for 'fear of empty space') or kenophobia (from Greek for 'fear of the empty')...

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Horror vacui (disambiguation)

(physics), a physical postulate Horror vacui (film), a 1984 German satirical film Horror Vacui (album) by Linea 77 Horror Vacui, a composition by Jonny Greenwood...

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Horror vacui (physics)

In physics, horror vacui, or plenism (/ˈpliːnɪzəm/), commonly stated as "nature abhors a vacuum", is a postulate attributed to Aristotle, who articulated...

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Horror Vacui (album)

Horror Vacui is the sixth studio album from the Italian nu metal band, Linea 77. It was released on February 8, 2008. It is the first work produced by...

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Horror vacui (film)

Horror Vacui (German: Horror Vacui - Die Angst vor der Leere) is a 1984 German film directed by Rosa von Praunheim. Shot in a neo-expressionist style,...

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withdrawal Horror vacui (disambiguation) All pages with titles containing Horror This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Horror. If...

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ASP (band)

year 2008 saw the release of three new albums. First, a best of-album Horror Vacui was released in February. This was followed by a tour in Europe. At the...

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(Studies in Written Language and Literacy 13), 115–139. ISBN 90-272-1808-0 Horror vacui Cornelia Rémi: Reading as Playing. Pre-print of Cornelia Rémi's seminal...

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intended to contain air, gas, or liquid at positive pressure Plenism, or Horror vacui (physics) the concept that "nature abhors a vacuum" Plenum (meeting)...

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challenged by Blaise Pascal, he declined to overturn the traditional belief, horror vacui, commonly stated as "nature abhors a vacuum". This remained so until...

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Jonny Greenwood

Never Really Here. At the 2019 Proms, Greenwood debuted his composition "Horror vacui" for solo violin and 68 string instruments. That September, Greenwood...

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creation of fractal surfaces. Fractal Kitbashing Diapering Bump mapping Horror vacui "Future-Past Interview of Charles Adam quoting Ron Thornton as source...

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Outer space

suggested that nature abhors a vacuum, a principle that became known as the horror vacui. This concept built upon a 5th-century BCE ontological argument by the...

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Baroque painting

Tomás Yepes, Virgen de los desamparados (1644), a trompe-l'œil in horror vacui Baroque style...

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Camp (style)

l'art brut David Bowie's art collection and Outside (1995) Glam rock Horror vacui Kitsch Lille Métropole Museum of Modern, Contemporary and Outsider Art...

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Rothschild family

gilding, vast collections of armour and sculpture, a sense of Victorian horror vacui, and the highest masterworks of art. Le goût Rothschild has much influenced...

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Adolf Wölfli

edges of the page with detailed borders. In a manifestation of Wölfli's "horror vacui", every empty space was filled with two small holes. Wölfli called the...

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Visionary art

Temples of Humankind, Federation of Damanhur Burning Man Fantastic art Horror vacui Outsider art Psychedelic art Surrealism Alex Grey The Symbolist and Decadent...

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Goût Rothschild

materials and styles, "the Rothschild style", combines a sense of Victorian horror vacui beside masterworks of art, sculpture, and armour. With the construction...

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Toby Wright

Follow the Leader The Letter Black - Hanging On by a Thread Linea 77 - Horror Vacui Linea 77 - 10 Machina - To Live and Die in the Garden of Eden Memento...

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Horror vacui

In visual art, horror vacui (UK: , US: ; Latin for 'fear of empty space') or kenophobia (from Greek for 'fear of the empty') is the filling of the entire surface of a space or an artwork with detail. In physics, horror vacui reflects Aristotle's idea that "nature abhors an empty space."

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