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VGA connector

such as DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort are increasingly displacing VGA, and many modern computers and other devices do not include it. The VGA connector is...

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designed to replace VGA, FPD-Link, and Digital Visual Interface (DVI). The interface is backward compatible with other interfaces, such as HDMI and DVI...

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Mini DisplayPort

display devices with VGA, DVI, or HDMI interfaces. Apple offers a free license for the Mini DisplayPort but they reserve the right to cancel the license...

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Dreamcast VGA

Dreamcast VGA Box (also known generally as a DC VGA adapter or DC VGA cable) is an accessory for Sega's Dreamcast video game console that allows it to connect...

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Video card

card, display card, graphics adapter, or display adapter) is an expansion card which generates a feed of output images to a display device (such as a computer...

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Digital Visual Interface

VGA connectors, the DVI connector includes pins for the display data channel (DDC). A newer version of DDC called DDC2 allows the graphics adapter to...

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video quality when a DVI-to-HDMI adapter is used. The CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) capability allows HDMI devices to control each other when necessary...

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to other forms of devices with a similar form factor, such as adapters that convert ports to handle different types of connectors (such as DVI to VGA...

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multiport adapter converts the device's native video stream to DisplayPort/HDMI/VGA, allowing it to be displayed on an external display, such as a television...

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Computer display standard

with the screen resolution and refresh rate is a display adapter. Earlier display adapters were simple frame-buffers, but later display standards also...

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Lightning (connector)

USB 3 Camera Adapter Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader Lightning to VGA Adapter Lightning Digital AV Adapter Lightning to HDMI Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone...

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Graphics display resolution

support for all existing VGA functions and modes – the 8514 itself was a simpler add-on adapter that required a separate VGA to be present. As they were...

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Mobile High-Definition Link

inputs that are MHL-enabled, or indirectly through standard HDMI inputs using MHL-to-HDMI adapters. MHL was developed by a consortium of five companies: Nokia...

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types of Mini-DVI adapter: Apple Mini-DVI to VGA Adapter Apple part number M9320G/A (discontinued) Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter Apple part number M9319G/A...

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Graphics processing unit

(VESA) to develop and promote a Super VGA (SVGA) computer display standard as a successor to IBM's proprietary VGA display standard. Super VGA enabled...

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Display Data Channel

bidirectional communication between them. DDC2 is not exclusive to the VGA connector, as both DVI and HDMI connectors feature dedicated DDC2B wires. DDC/CI (Command...

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to DVI adapter and a Micro-DVI to VGA adapter were bundled with the original MacBook Air. A Micro-DVI to Video adapter, which provided composite and S-video...

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Computer monitor

cathode ray tube (CRT). Monitors are connected to the computer via VGA, Digital Visual Interface (DVI), HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, low-voltage differential...

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Audio and video interfaces and connectors

specific to the interface, such as PCM, MPEG-2, or the DTS Coherent Acoustics codec. In some cases, the application layer is left open; for example, HDMI contains...

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RCA connector

connectors are gaining ground; HDMI is commonly used today for consumer electronics, and DisplayPort, a potential competitor to HDMI, is often found on home...

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VGA connector

A Video Graphics Array (VGA) connector is a standard connector used for computer video output. Originating with the 1987 IBM PS/2 and its VGA graphics system, the 15-pin connector went on to become ubiquitous on PCs, as well as many monitors, projectors and high definition television sets. Other connectors have been used to carry VGA-compatible signals, such as mini-VGA or BNC, but "VGA connector" typically refers to this design.Devices continue to be manufactured with VGA connectors, although newer digital interfaces such as DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort are increasingly displacing VGA, and many modern computers and other devices do not include it.

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