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List of The Office (American TV series) characters

office -- signed "Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration". He also supplied a mini-fridge as a "Casino Night" prize. In "Initiation", he referred to Michael and...

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List of Bob the Builder episodes

Entertainment. From 2004–2008, a number of 2-minute shorts, called Bob's Mini Projects, were aired in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Latin...

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Amy Marston

EastEnders. Marston's first appearance on television was in Neverwhere , a mini-series in 1996, playing the role of Anasthesia for two episodes. Since then...

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Big Brother (British series 5)

(on which the only reference of time was located in the entire house), fridge, and sink. There was only one bedroom, and housemates were required to go...

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List of VeggieTales videos

picture, the one ridiculed by his elders, is then hung by the Stranger on his fridge. The story ends as the young Snoodle flies back to Snoodleburg and tells...

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List of Annoying Orange episodes

letter U magnet to stand up to a mean, bragging letter A magnet on the fridge. 339 35 "Watch Me (Whip/Nya Nya) - Silento Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) Spoof"...

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Ruby Gloom

talking, using jazz slang and phrases, such as "You're straight from the fridge daddio" and throwing in skeleton puns like "You fracture me" instead of...

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Cindy Cunningham

Secretly, though, Sean mistreats Holly. He is caught, locking her in a fridge by Cindy's brother Max Cunningham (Matt Littler). The social services get...

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List of La que se avecina episodes

Madrid. The show is an indirect successor to the Antena 3 comedy Aquí no hay quien viva. The name is a Spanish pun on the verb "avecinarse", which literally...

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Index of Singapore-related articles

Member Constituency Whampoa, Singapore Wharf Estates Singapore What's In The Fridge? Wheelchair basketball at the 2015 ASEAN Para Games Wheelock Place When...

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List of The Biggest Loser Australia episodes

contestant worldwide. 5 Monday, 25 March The Fridge #1 Hayley introduced a new twist called the fridge which could bring an advantage/disadvantage to...

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List of The Office (American TV series) characters

The Office is an American television series based on the British television comedy of the same name. The format of the series is a parody of the fly on the wall documentary technique that intersperses traditional situation comedy segments with mock interviews with the show's characters, provides the audience access to the ongoing interior monologues for all of the main characters, as well as occasional insights into other characters within the show.

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