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silicone rubber lining. Suspender (garter) belts are usually worn at the waist or just slightly below to prevent the belt sliding down as it is pulled downward...

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Garter snake

Garter snake is a common name for generally harmless, small to medium-sized snakes belonging to the genus Thamnophis. Endemic to North and Central America...

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Belt (clothing)

hips. Belts come in many lengths because of the variety in waist sizes, and most belts can be adjusted at the buckle to suit the wearer's waist. Belts are...

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Underwear fetishism

stay-ups, etc. Garter belts can be very tricky to attach to a lace welt, therefore it is much easier to start wearing garter belts with old-fashioned...

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the cold compared to pantyhose. Also, pantyhose do not require garters or garter belts, and do not need to be adjusted as much, whilst also leaving a...

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Order of the Garter

The Most Noble Order of the Garter is an order of chivalry founded by Edward III of England in 1348. It is the most senior order of knighthood in the British...

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uniform belts, suspenders were still regular attire throughout the 1920s. Because of their image as 'underwear', some men switched to belts during the...

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Ice hockey equipment

and the lower pelvis from impact. GarterGarter belts are often used by players to hold up hockey socks. A garter is simply an elastic band that goes...

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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (Japanese: パンティ&ストッキングwithガーターベルト, Hepburn: Panti ando Sutokkingu wizu Gātāberuto) is a Japanese anime television series...

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Sherri Martel

Warrior pulled off an escaping Martel's miniskirt to reveal matching black garter belts and lace underpants. Practically in tears, Martel raced back to the locker...

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designed to hold the stockings up when worn, without the use of a garter belt or garters (British English: suspenders). Thigh highs are held up by one or...

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Garter spring

A garter spring is a coiled steel spring that is connected at each end to create a circular shape, and is used in oil seals, shaft seals, belt-driven motors...

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or thong may be worn as a bikini bottom or as underwear. Garter/Garter belt/Suspender belt (British), used to keep stockings up. Girdle, a type of foundation...

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Las de la Intuición

wearing a purple wig and different outfits such as a black corset and garter belts. It was well received by many critics, who considered it one of her sexiest...

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stiletto heel. Fishnet stockings, seamed hosiery, and stockings and garter belts (suspenders) are also popular accents in the representation and attire...

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Back closure

continue, however, to be widely used in underwear (such as brassieres and garter belts), formal wear (such as evening gowns and wedding dresses) and specialized...

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Fully fashioned stockings

and a stitched back seam in between. They are made to be worn with a garter belt and are today considered a vintage design of hosiery after largely having...

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Retro style

photography, often featuring lingerie such as girdles, bullet bras and garter belts and hosiery with hairstyles, makeup, and props fashioned after those...

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Western wear

Native American dress. Saloon girls wore short red dresses with corsets, garter belts and stockings. After World War II, many women, returning to the home...

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with veils, as well as multiple petticoats, corsets, girdles and/or garter belts with nylon stockings. The term underdressing is used by male cross-dressers...

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A garter is an article of clothing comprising a narrow band of fabric fastened about the leg to keep up stockings. In the eighteenth to twentieth centuries, they were tied just below the knee, where the leg is most slender, to keep the stocking from slipping. The advent of elastic has made them less necessary from this functional standpoint, although they are still often worn for fashion. Garters have been widely worn by men and women, depending on fashion trends.

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