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Altoona Metro Transit

ends at 10:00 PM. The last Night Owl to Walmart leaves the Transit Center at 9:00 PM) 14. #14 Evening Flash starts at 6:00 PM and ends at 10:00 PM. -...

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IPod Mini

silver model remained unchanged. The iPod Mini used Microdrive hard drives (CompactFlash II) made by Hitachi and Seagate. First generation models were available...

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List of Xbox 360 applications

applications can either be stored on the console's hard disk drive or on a USB flash drive. Often, an Xbox Live Gold membership is also required to access...

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Super NES Classic Edition

July 21, 2017, the console was mistakenly made available for pre-order at Walmart in the United States due to a "technical glitch", and all pre-orders were...

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Let's Move!

consumption while decreasing calorie count. Also, Walgreens, Superval, and Walmart have announced building or expanding stores in areas that have limited...

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List of airline codes

WRR WRA Inc WRAP AIR United States XWS WSI Corporation United States CGG Walmart Aviation CHARGE United States WAS Walsten Air Services WALSTEN Canada GOT...

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The Octonauts

"Octonauts Gup Speeders GUP-J". Walmart. Fisher-Price. Retrieved 21 April 2020. "Octonauts Gup Speeders GUP-L". Walmart. Fisher-Price. Retrieved 15 April...

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Murder of Travis Alexander

a Walmart store in Salinas on June 3, 2008, that she returned on the same day, the prosecution called Amanda Webb, an employee from the only Walmart in...

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PlayStation 3 models

either a 250 GB or 500 GB hard drive. In PAL regions, the 250 GB model is not available; a model with 12 GB of flash memory (CECH-4000A) is available...

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Tesla, Inc.

maintenance" of solar panels caused roof fires at seven Walmart stores dating back to 2012. Walmart reached a settlement with Tesla in November 2019, although...

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COVID-19 pandemic

Chronicle. "How to Combat Zoom Fatigue". 29 April 2020 – via hbr.org. "Walmart Reports Increased Sales In Tops, Not Bottoms, As More People Telework"...

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List of Xbox 360 retail configurations

II. A similar bundle, with a blue console and controller, was sold at Walmart. A 4GB Kinect Bundle was sold at Target, including Kinect Adventures!,...

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List of Rescue 911 episodes

Loves Park, Illinois A child opens the door of a moving pickup truck in a Walmart parking lot and lands on the pavement on his head. He died before the episode...

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Acer Aspire One

DVD-ROM drive requires creating a bootable USB flash drive (the on-board card reader slots are not bootable) using a USB external DVD drive or PXE boot...

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Tandy 1000

be to install and use XT ISA CompactFlash adapters; this is also the most practical way to install a hard drive into a Tandy 1000 EX or HX, using an...

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Team Umizoomi

team's anthropomorphic orange car that can speak by only his name, who drives the team wherever their help is needed. He also beeps. UmiCar has been depicted...

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reaction in the industry, with major American retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, and Circuit City and Canadian chains such as Future Shop dropping HD DVD...

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Atari Flashback series

console to gain access to an internal recovery button, one can use a USB flash drive and an OTG adapter to download an official firmware update for either...

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

those who purchased Batman v Superman-themed Doritos Family Fun Mix at Walmart received the comic book prequel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Upstairs/Downstairs...

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Through the 1980s, Sears was the largest retailer in the United States; Walmart and Kmart surpassed Sears in sales in 1990. In 2018, Sears was the 31st-largest...

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Altoona Metro Transit

Altoona Metro Transit (AMTRAN) is a public transportation service located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It provides bus and paratransit service to Altoona, Hollidaysburg, and select communities in the region. Amtran offers a tripper for school students as well as shuttle services for Penn State Altoona.

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