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Iron Wok Jan

Iron Wok Jan (Japanese: 鉄鍋のジャン, Hepburn: Tetsunabe no Jan!) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Shinji Saijyo. The manga was licensed in English...

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The Runaway Wok

The Runaway Wok is a picture book written by Ying Chang Compestine and illustrated by Sebastia Serra. The story follows a boy named Ming and his adventures...

Last Update: 2020-12-17T04:06:53Z Word Count : 672 Synonim The Runaway Wok

Kung Pao chicken

prepared marinade. Shaoxing wine is used to enhance flavor in the marinade. The wok is seasoned and then chili peppers and Sichuan peppercorns are flash-fried...

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Mark Britten

cultural stereotypes of all kinds. His act includes a character named Kid Wok and a characterization of Fu Manchu and he has released a CD entitled Dis-Oriented...

Last Update: 2021-01-22T06:39:46Z Word Count : 557 Synonim Mark Britten

Im Won-hee

Me Softly (tvN, 2019) Chief of Staff (JTBC, 2019) Room No. 9 (tvN, 2018) Wok of Love (SBS, 2018) - Wang Chun-soo Where Stars Land (SBS, 2018) - gift shop...

Last Update: 2021-01-22T15:56:52Z Word Count : 1143 Synonim Im Won-hee

Ming Tsai

April 28, 2017. https://iexaminer.org/chef-ming-tsai-cooking-outside-the-wok/ Ming Tsai (2018-03-18). "Ming Tsai on Twitter: "So proud of my niece @LaLaChuu...

Last Update: 2020-12-31T13:59:35Z Word Count : 1751 Synonim Ming Tsai


Weed Goku Midnight Eye Hamster Club High School Girls Infinite Ryvius Iron Wok Jan! Jesus Joan Junk Force (manga) Karasu Tengu Kabuto Kazan Maico 2010 Mourning...

Last Update: 2020-12-21T10:20:58Z Word Count : 303 Synonim ComicsOne

Jung Ryeo-won

the black comedy film Gate. She then starred in the SBS' gastronomy drama Wok of Love. In 2019, Jung starred in the legal television series Prosecutor...

Last Update: 2021-01-19T21:35:57Z Word Count : 2096 Synonim Jung Ryeo-won

Beef chow fun

a sauce). Sliced beef is marinated first. Then, the beef is seared in a wok. Other ingredients and the hor fun noodles are added, then combined with...

Last Update: 2020-12-30T06:59:43Z Word Count : 603 Synonim Beef chow fun

Yangzhou fried rice

cháaufaahn, Jyutping: joeng4zau1 caau2faan6) is a popular Chinese-style wok fried rice dish in many Chinese restaurants throughout the world. It is commonly...

Last Update: 2021-01-04T08:28:35Z Word Count : 552 Synonim Yangzhou fried rice

Indian Chinese cuisine

amount of pungent Chinese sauces, thickening agents, and oil. Stir-fried in a wok, Indo-Chinese food takes Chinese culinary styles and adds spices and flavors...

Last Update: 2021-01-02T07:20:21Z Word Count : 2852 Synonim Indian Chinese cuisine

Victor Sen Yung

chef. He frequently appeared on cooking programs, and authored The Great Wok Cookbook in 1974. In 1972, Yung was on Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight...

Last Update: 2021-01-16T07:05:28Z Word Count : 2586 Synonim Victor Sen Yung

Pride FC: Fighting Championships

"Pride FC". Game Informer. No. 118. FuncoLand. February 2003. p. 97. G-Wok (February 2003). "Pride FC Review". Game Revolution. CraveOnline. Archived...

Last Update: 2020-05-16T23:48:11Z Word Count : 283 Synonim Pride FC: Fighting Championships

Eddie Huang

Joshua David (January 23, 2013). "Chef Who Refuses to Be Defined by His Wok". The New York Times. Retrieved January 26, 2013. TSS Crew (December 1, 2008)...

Last Update: 2021-01-17T15:31:38Z Word Count : 2212 Synonim Eddie Huang

Jang Hyuk

2018, Jang returned to the small screen with SBS' romantic comedy drama Wok of Love, playing a former gangster turned restaurant owner; and MBC's action...

Last Update: 2021-01-15T23:18:17Z Word Count : 3718 Synonim Jang Hyuk

List of South Korean dramas

Yoon So-hee, Hyun Woo, Lee Hong-bin, Kim Young-ok, Go Soo-hee 2018 MBN 12 Wok of Love 기름진 멜로 2018 Woman of 9.9 Billion 99억의 여자 2019–2020 Woman of Matchless...

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List of airline codes

CARGO Serbia KSM Kosmos KOSMOS Russia KOS Kosova Airlines KOSOVA Serbia WOK Kovar Air WOKAIR Czech Republic 7B KJC Krasnojarsky Airlines KRASNOJARSKY...

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Hokkien fried rice

caau2 faan6; also known as Fujian fried rice) is a popular Cantonese-style wok fried rice dish in many Chinese restaurants. It has a thick sauce poured...

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Oldboy (2003 film)

Interview with Park Chan Wook" by Choi Aryong "IKONEN : Interview Park Chan Wok Old Boy Lady Vengeance JSA Choi Aryong". Ikonenmagazin.de. Retrieved 25 August...

Last Update: 2021-01-19T00:16:04Z Word Count : 3412 Synonim Oldboy (2003 film)


oil. Guotie are shallow-fried in a wok (Chinese: 镬; pinyin: huò). A small quantity of water is added and the wok is covered. While the base of the dumplings...

Last Update: 2021-01-19T13:44:07Z Word Count : 2598 Synonim Jiaozi

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Iron Wok Jan

Iron Wok Jan (Japanese: 鉄鍋のジャン, Hepburn: Tetsunabe no Jan!) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Shinji Saijyo. The manga was licensed in English by ComicsOne before the license was transferred to DrMaster.A sequel, Iron Wok Jan! R: The Summit Operations, was also released in Japan by Akita Shoten and in France by Soleil Manga. A spin-off, Tetsupai no Jan!, by Bingo Morihashi, started to be published by Takeshobo in 2015.

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