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Staircase jig

designed to cut out an entire stringer in one setup. There are jigs to cut dovetails, mortise & tenon joints, box joints, keyed miters, finger joints...

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Box joint

chisel, and fine cabinet makers still use these methods. Jigs can also be used, as with dovetails, to help produce a consistent result. Applications include...

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List of This Old House episodes (seasons 11–20)

solid-oak white-stained faces, morticed European hinges, full-extension, dovetailed, solid-wood drawers, and a two-part epoxy finish. The oak floor has been...

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M*A*S*H (film)

dialogue. This is still watchable for the verve of the ensemble acting and dovetailing direction, but some of the crassness leaves a sour aftertaste." Writing...

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Milling (machining)

typically raises and lowers the entire head, including motor, often on a dovetailed (sometimes round with rack and pinion) vertical column. A mill drill also...

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Bench hook

nail. Usually a bench hook is used with a backsaw, such as a tenon saw or dovetail saw. In use the bench hook is laid flat onto the workbench, so the hook...

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Router (woodworking)

many uses. With the help of the multitude of jigs and various bits, they are capable of producing dovetails, mortises, and tenons, moldings of infinite...

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Machine tool

freehand. The machine slide (tool way), which has many forms, such as dovetail ways, box ways, or cylindrical column ways. Machine slides constrain tool...

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Glossary of woodworking

disease of timber that gives a spotted or speckled appearance to the wood. dovetail joint A joint technique most commonly used in woodworking joinery. Noted...

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Workbench (woodworking)

the benchtop that tools or jigs can be bolted to. In applications where repeated removal and reinstallation of the tool or jig is desirable, screwing into...

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transported to the site and laid without mortar. Knobs, indentations and dovetails were used to form joints between stones. The roof of stupas, niches and...

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British folk revival

1956–58. Spearheaded by Lonnie Donegan’s hit "Rock Island Line" (1956) it dovetailed with the growth of café youth culture, where skiffle bands with acoustic...

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List of The Woodwright's Shop episodes

112 "Panel Frame and Dovetail" TBA Roy discusses frame-and-panel construction for doors and the basic steps to create a dovetailed joint. 39 113 "Colonial...

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Staircase jig

A staircase jig is a woodworking tool that incorporates both a right angle and an acute angle in its design. The jig is easily transported due to its small size and light weight. Precise measurements are required to layout the diagonal locations. This jig uses a zero reference line from which the rise and tread are measured. The upper part of the jig is a right triangle with a roundover overhang. The template allows for a tight fit of the tread into the stringer in the overhang section. The bottom of the jig incorporates an acute angle. This tapered angle allows a space for a wedge to fit against the back side of the vertical and the horizontal plane of the stringer. This jig can be used to lay out different rise (vertical) and tread (horizontal) widths. The jig is used with a plunge router and a bushing guide. The router plows out a precise groove into the finished product that allows all the parts to fit together.

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