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DIN rail

A DIN rail is a metal rail of a standard type widely used for mounting circuit breakers and industrial control equipment inside equipment racks. These...

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Deutsches Institut für Normung

examples in modern technology include DIN and mini-DIN connectors for electronics, and the DIN rail. 2020 published DIN SPEC 3105 is "the first German standard...

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List of DIN standards

This is an incomplete list of DIN standards. The "STATUS" column gives the latest known status of the standard. If a standard has been withdrawn and no...

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Distribution board

(CUs) or 200 A (distribution boards) use circuit breakers and RCDs on DIN rail mountings. The main distribution board in an installation will also normally...

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Network switch

closet; rack-mounted switches for use in an equipment rack or an enclosure; DIN rail mounted for use in industrial environments; and small installation switches...

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Raspberry Pi

contains one or more standard Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4s in an industrial DIN rail housing, with some versions containing one or more Coral Edge tensor processing...

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Residual-current device

from line to the non-existent ground. In Europe, RCDs can fit on the same DIN rail as the miniature circuit breakers; however, the busbar arrangements in...

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Electrical enclosure

sand storms, earthquakes and lightning. 19 inch rack Cable management DIN rail Housing (engineering) Rack unit Telco can Utility box art Utility vault...

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Consumer unit

main distribution panel. Modern consumer units usually use DIN-rail mount breakers. The rail and the shape of the front opening are standardized but the...

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Circuit breaker

installed directly in equipment, or are arranged in a breaker panel. The DIN rail-mounted thermal-magnetic miniature circuit breaker is the most common style...

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Media Redundancy Protocol

the original on May 12, 2013. Retrieved August 17, 2013. "Fast Ethernet DIN Rail switch 8-9 ports". Product page. Belden. Retrieved August 17, 2013. "PROFINET...

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components or the like". Modern Breadboard. Electronics portal Brassboard DIN rail, a modular system for assembling and connecting complex electrical designs...

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Cable management

Strain relief plate inside an electrical enclosure, mounted on a 35 mm DIN rail shape H...

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Industrial control system

than traditional PLCs and fit well into multiple form factors such as DIN rail mount, combined with a touch-screen as a panel PC, or as an embedded PC...

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speed switch Circuit breaker Commutator (electric) Contact resistance DIN rail Electric switchboard Fuse cutout RF switch matrix Switch access Switchgear...

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Fuse (electrical)

changing the base. Cartridge fuse carriers are also now available for DIN-rail enclosures. In North America, fuses were used in buildings wired before...

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Electrical wiring

Technologies of DIN and VDE) is the organisation responsible for the promulgation of electrical standards and safety specifications. DIN VDE 0100 is the...

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List of Arduino boards and compatible systems

outputs Industruino Arduino compatible industrial controller housed in DIN rail casing, designed for industrial automation in small to medium-sized businesses...

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C-Bus (protocol)

control/signalling cable. The Dimmers normally come as 4-, 8- or 12-channel DIN-rail mounted devices. As of 9 December 2008 Clipsal opened its C-Bus protocols...

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List of EN standards

50022: 35 mm snap-on top-hat mounting rails for low-voltage switchgear (DIN rail) EN 50075: Europlug EN 50090: Home and Building Electronic Systems (KNX/EIB)...

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DIN rail

A DIN rail is a metal rail of a standard type widely used for mounting circuit breakers and industrial control equipment inside equipment racks. These products are typically made from cold rolled carbon steel sheet with a zinc-plated or chromated bright surface finish. Although metallic, they are meant only for mechanical support, and are not used as a busbar to conduct electric current, although they may provide a chassis grounding connection. The term derives from the original specifications published by Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) in Germany, which have since been adopted as European (EN) and international (IEC) standards. The original concept was developed and implemented in Germany in 1928, and was elaborated into the present standards in the 1950s.

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