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Tu Desayuno Alegre

Tu Día Alegre, formerly Tu Desayuno Alegre, was a one-hour daily Spanish language entertainment television series airing on Univision or UniMás depending...

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Desayuno continental

Desayuno continental is the eleventh studio album by Spanish pop rock band Hombres G, released on November 16, 2010. A video recording of "Separados" was...

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Hombres G

nomination at the 2008 Latin Grammy Awards. Since then, they've released Desayuno continental (2010), En la playa (2011), 30 años y un día (2015), y Resurrección...

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Desayunos informales

Desayunos informales (Spanish: Informal breakfasts) is an Uruguayan morning television show that is broadcast on Teledoce. It debuted on July 13, 2015...

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Bolivian cuisine

Bolivian cuisine stems from the combination of Spanish cuisine with indigenous ingredients and Aymara traditions, among others, with later influences from...

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Monica Garza

Monica Garza (born in Alamogordo, New Mexico) is an Anerican artist of Mexican and Korean background based in Atlanta, Georgia. She specializes in painting...

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Martin Berlanga

weekends and the news segments on Univision's early morning program, Tu Desayuno Alegre. He has been anchor and correspondent “Noticiero Univision” (Univision...

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Andalusia Day

day of celebration in schools with a traditional Andalusian breakfast (desayuno andaluz), consisting of a slice of toast with a thin layer of olive oil...

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Bruno Bichir

Ariel Awards, including: Best Actor 2001 nomination for Crónica de un desayuno 1996 nomination for El anzuelo 1995 nomination for El jardín del Edén 1994...

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Spanish cuisine

cooking shows started in the country in 1984. A continental-style breakfast (desayuno) may be taken just after waking up, or before entering the workplace. Common...

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Ximena Córdoba

Alba Lucia Suarez 2002 Protagonistas de novela – Winner TNT Movie Club Tu desayuno alegre on Univision Premios Fox Sports 4th edition Jorge Ramos En Vivo...

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David Summers Rodríguez

Peligrosamente Juntos (2002) Todo esto es muy extraño (2004) 10 (2007) Desayuno continental (2010) David Summers (1994) Perdido en el espacio (1997) En...

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Café con leche

amount of milk can be higher in café con leche en vaso or café con leche de desayuno. Sugar or sweetener is added to taste. It is similar to the Italian caffè...

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Los Desayunos de TVE

Los Desayunos de TVE (English: TVE's Breakfasts) is a Spanish breakfast television news program, broadcast on weekdays on La Primera of Televisión Española...

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Residente o Visitante

Colombian cumbia music, featuring an accordion and a horn section. "Un Beso De Desayuno" mixes electronica, rap and bossa nova. Residente described the album as...

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Pamela David

TV show El BarTV 2. She currently works as a co-hostess on América TV's Desayuno Americano. Pamela David is the daughter of DyD owner/producer Alberto David...

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this etymology and to some extent the meaning (whereas the Spanish word desayuno and Portuguese desjejum are related but are exclusively used for breakfast)...

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Eduardo Palomo

Lazareno 2002: Cojones (short) The Mexican Neighbor 2000: Crónica de un desayuno Juan 2000: Ramona (TV series) Alejandro de Asís 1998: Huracán (TV series)...

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Paula Arcila

and actress, and author. She is best known for being a radio host for El Desayuno Musical on Univision Radio in South Florida and for being a recurring panelist...

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National Action Party (Mexico)


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Tu Desayuno Alegre

Tu Día Alegre, formerly Tu Desayuno Alegre, was a one-hour daily Spanish language entertainment television series airing on Univision or UniMás depending on the service area. It began its run September 2001 as Tu Desayuno Alegre and was renamed Tu Día Algre in September 2014 with minor format changes including a change in hosts and a four-week change of airtime from 5 am to 10 am. It then returned to its original 5 am time slot. It featured music videos from a wide variety of Latin American music including rap, hip hop, ballads, pop, dance, and traditional Mexican music. The show grew to include multiple recurring segments including fitness, cooking, entertainment news, celebrity interviews, fashion, and lifestyle tips and advice.

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