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Crochet bikini

The crochet bikini or crocheted bikini is a knitted swimwear or bikini that has been worn since at least the 1970s. The style gained attention in the late...

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Bikini variants

and crocheted squares surfaced in the early 1970s. Crochet, lace, PVC, raffia, fur, latex, velvet and other uncommon items are also used as bikini material...

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Dree Hemingway

January 2014, Hemingway was the first significant Instagram plug for a crochet bikini created in Brazil but claimed by a Turkish entrepreneur and branded...

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Robin Byrd

than live episodes. Each episode features Byrd in her trademark black crochet bikini and white fingernail polish, on an all-red set with a large, heart-shaped...

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string bikini, and allowed Rudi Gernreich to create the topless monokini. Alternative swimwear fabrics such as velvet, leather, and crocheted squares...

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Trancoso, Bahia

that has an airport. Artist Solange Ferrarini, created a distinctive crochet bikini which was first sold on the beaches of Trancoso and later copied as...

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Julie Ruin

Ruin in 1997, recorded while taking a break from Bikini Kill. Hanna recalled: [It] was made as Bikini Kill was in breaking up, a guy who worked across...

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Lorna Jane Clarkson

production, but had been interested in fashion since a teenager, crocheting bikinis from age 16, customising her clothes from age 18, and from age 21...

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Pubic hair

into fashion and growth in popularity of the bikini after the 1940s, the practice of shaving or bikini waxing of pubic hair off the hem lines also came...

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Wendy O. Williams

home at 16, Williams hitchhiked to Colorado, earning money by crocheting string bikinis. She travelled to Florida and Europe landing various jobs such...

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List of portmanteaus

relationship vajazzle, from vagina and bedazzle Velcro, from velvet and crochet vitamer, from vitamin and isomer voluntourist, from volunteer and tourist...

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a piece of clothing, typically with long sleeves, made of knitted or crocheted material, that covers the upper part of the body. When sleeveless, the...

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1960s in fashion

fashion for women and girls.[citation needed] The bikini, named after the nuclear test site on Bikini Atoll, was invented in France in 1946 but struggled...

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Watermelon Sugar

filmed in Malibu, California, it features Styles alongside a plethora of bikini-clad women and men dancing on the beach and eating watermelon. Styles has...

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can be formed as a heavy sandal, having a thick, typically wooden sole. Crochet sandals Fisherman sandal is a type of T-bar sandal originally for men and...

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direct bras avant (jab, lead hand) direct bras arrière (cross, rear hand) crochet (hook, bent arm with either hand) uppercut (either hand) Savate did not...

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Ice Cream (Blackpink and Selena Gomez song)

Wheels cars and, in a separate scene, play on a blow-up slide, wearing crochet outfits. On September 2, an animated dance performance version of the music...

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Babygrow Blanket sleeper Negligee Nightgown Nightshirt Pajamas Swimwear Bikini Burkini Boardshorts Dry suit Monokini One-piece Rash guard Sling Square...

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Social impact of thong underwear

University of California 4-H program specifically forbids "string, thong or crochet" swimsuits for women. For men, the dress code specifies "swim trunks only...

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Cleavage (breasts)

ISBN 9781135874025 Rosana Pistolese, History of Fashions Through Art, page 146, Crochet, 1983, ASIN B0007B33KG J. Anderson Black and Madge Garland, A History of...

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Crochet bikini

The crochet bikini or crocheted bikini is a knitted swimwear or bikini that has been worn since at least the 1970s. The style gained attention in the late 2010s as a form of boho-chic style and as new brands emerged.A crochet bikini created by Brazilian street artist Maria Solange Ferrarini has been the center of several lawsuits that received international attention. Turkish American entrepreneur Ipek Irgit took the idea of Ferrarini's crochet bikini during a visit to Brazil and claimed copyright on the design. Since starting her company in 2013, Irgit has made copyright claims against any similar swimwear and never credited Ferrarini. In 2019, Ferrarini was awarded her own copyright on the design she created.

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