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Pharmacies in the United States

Florida 4,700 1,084 9 McKesson Corp San Francisco, California 4,524 1,556 10 Costco Wholesale Corp Issaquah, Washington 2,179 500 11 Cardinal Health Inc Dublin...

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WinCo Foods

privately held, majority employee-owned American supermarket chain based in Boise, Idaho with retail stores in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada...

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Buttrey Food & Drug

separate company in 1990. The company was sold to its main competitor, Boise, Idaho-based Albertsons, in January 1998 and the Buttrey name was retired...

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List of S&P 500 companies

Agricultural Chemicals Wilmington, Delaware 2019-06-03 0001755672 2019 COST Costco Wholesale Corp. reports Consumer Staples Hypermarkets & Super Centers Issaquah...

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Companies, Inc. is an American grocery company founded and headquartered in Boise, Idaho. With 2,253 stores as of the third quarter of fiscal year 2020 and...

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List of largest companies in the United States by revenue

Company Automotive industry 155,900 2.8% 190,000 Dearborn, Michigan 14 Costco Retail 152,703 7.9% 201,500 Issaquah, Washington 15 Chevron Corporation...

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Rick Glenn

TKO prior signed by UFC. He moved to Milwaukee and left his employment at Costco to train full-time. Glenn fought most of the fights in regional Midwest...

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List of largest retail companies

Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore 514,405 7,179  United States, Bentonville 2 Costco Cash & Carry/Warehouse Club 141,576 3,179  United States, Issaquah 3 Amazon...

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Pacific Northwest

(Grand Coulee Dam, Bonneville Dam, BC Hydro) Mass Retail (London Drugs, Costco, Blenz, Starbucks, Tullys, Nordstrom, Zumiez, Albertsons) Microbrewing (BridgePort...

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Karcher Marketplace

largest shopping mall in the Treasure Valley until the opening of Boise Towne Square in Boise in October 1988. The shopping center is anchored by Big 5 Sporting...

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Hamdi Ulukaya

Wholesale Club and Costco began carrying the brand. Ulukaya began adding new product lines to his brand in 2010. After BJ's and Costco began carrying Chobani...

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Safeway Inc.

Pleasanton, California, with its parent company, Albertsons, headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Safeway stores operate under the logo of a stylized white "S" inside...

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List of clothing and footwear shops in the United Kingdom

Bradford and Albert Road, Morecambe. Cargo Club c.1990s A British version of Costco run by Nurdin & Peacock at 3 sites in Croydon, Birmingham and Bristol. The...

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List of supermarket chains in the United States

Fare Martin's Super Markets No Frills Supermarkets Other national chains Costco IGA Save-A-Lot Target Regional chains Military Commissary Defense Commissary...

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Carson City, Nevada

Precision Castparts Corp. Gold Dust West Hotel and Casino Carson Nugget Costco Wholesale Corporation Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources...

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Face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic

Taylor, Kate; Moné, Brianna (21 May 2020). "Workers at chains like Kroger, Costco, and Waffle House are on the front lines of an increasingly violent war...

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Washington Mutual

to this industry what Wal-Mart did to theirs, Starbucks did to theirs, Costco did to theirs and Lowe's, Home Depot did to their industry. And I think...

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subsidiary of Kroger. Jack Croco first started in the grocery business in Boise, Idaho, in the 1940s, working for Albertsons Supermarkets. By 1950, he had...

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China–United States trade war

March 25, 2019. "First on CNN Business: 600 companies including Walmart, Costco and Target warn Trump on tariffs". June 14, 2019. "Nike, Adidas Call Tariffs...

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Boulevard Gréber

centre is located on the east side of the road south of Boulevard Maloney. Costco built a new store right beside Gréber in 2006, and moved their operations...

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Pharmacies in the United States

There are approximately 88,000 pharmacies in the United States. Over half (about 48,000) are located within drug stores, grocery stores, hospitals, department stores, medical clinics, surgery clinics, universities, nursing homes, prisons, and other facilities. The remaining pharmacies are considered to be independent or privately owned. The top 25 pharmacy chain stores represent about 38,000 pharmacy locations in the U.S. and employ about 149,000 on-staff pharmacists. California has 8,015 pharmacies, the most of any state. Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania round out the top five states for pharmacy locations. Nationwide, the number of community pharmacies increased by 6.3% between 2007-2015, and the number of pharmacies per 10,000 people (2.11) did not change. However, the number of pharmacies per-capita varies substantially across counties, ranging from 0 to 13.6 per- 10,000 people in 2015.

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