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Mitre clamp

Mitre clamps are designed to hold mitre joints together. The earliest mitre clamps are a simple spring in a C-shape with sharpened points that are sprung...

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normal clamps, simplified clamps, or no clamps at all (in the genus Lethacotyle). After a comparative study of the relative surface of clamps in more...

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wall corners can be classified according to their ground plan. A clasping or clamped buttress has an L shaped ground plan surrounding the corner, an angled...

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Pocket-hole joinery

internal clamps holding the joint together, glue is unnecessary (but usually recommended) for most common joints. If glue is used, clamping is not required...

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Motorcycle fork

of uprights attached to the triple clamp by linkages with a spring usually between the top and bottom triple clamps. The design reached a peak in the "Girdraulics"...

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push the bead of the tire tight against the wheel. Like the rim lock, this clamps both beads at once. The regular valve stem is used to inflate the tire to...

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List of Oggy and the Cockroaches episodes

 1998 (1998-09-16) Exasperated at the roaches ransacking the fridge, Oggy clamps a lock on the fridge and has barely put it in his pocket when the roaches...

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Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Clamp to notify him that he is trapped at the highest floor of the building. Greta the female gremlin, the sole survivor of the gremlin army, corners...

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Transfer molding

Sharp corners Sharp corners are the problems with all mold based manufacturing, including casting. Specifically in transfer molding corners can break...

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List of Red Rock episodes

persuade Katie to give David another chance. Having been backed into a corner, an angered Michael decides to stage a burglary at Harbour Haulage in an...

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Corner chisel

A corner chisel is a tool for cutting sharp internal corners in wood, often used for mortice joints or hinge rebates. The hole will typically be cut by...

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The Bill (series 20)

better of her and she confronts Kent to get answers. As she backs him into a corner, he makes a shock admission. Meanwhile, Hunter continues the investigation...

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are: Clamps are used to hold your workpiece while either being cut, drilled, or glued. Clamps vary in all shapes and sizes from small c-clamps to very...

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Tire changer

called the clamp control pedal, a three position pedal that opens and closes the rim clamps. Once pressed, pneumatic pistons move the 4 rim clamps together...

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it rotates within a square with rounded corners[citation needed]. This type of bit removes all but the corners of the material to be removed, leaving very...

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table, also known as a V-board, made of either wood or metal and which clamps to the edge of the workbench, may be used to support the work piece whilst...

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List of London's Burning episodes

want to get married because she's happy as they are. Recall stops at the corner shop for a pint of milk, and as he's in there, a gunman bursts in and holds...

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Perlin noise

clamping boundaries) and not the basic linear step. This avoids visible artefacts, notably along vertices or diagonals joining the sampling corners,...

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Burcham Clamp

Burcham Clamp (known as Burcham Clamp) (30 November 1869 – 7 July 1931) was an Australian architect, working mainly in Sydney and Canberra Clamp was born...

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Magic Knight Rayearth

"written [them]selves into a corner". Magic Knight Rayearth explores "fate, grim destiny, and sacrifice," as do many of Clamp's works. According to Ohkawa...

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Mitre clamp

Mitre clamps are designed to hold mitre joints together. The earliest mitre clamps are a simple spring in a C-shape with sharpened points that are sprung onto the outside corner of the mitre joint. The right angled plates are higher than the screws and the red holder. The screws go under the frame (work-piece) to be held, and the red bit clamps down on the lower-edge of the frame. Recent designs are more complicated; a rigid body holds one fixed and one moveable jaw activated by a cam. Examples of the newer clamps are Jim Chestnut's "Clam Clamp" and the Maestro Mitre Clamp.

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