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Coral Ridge Mall

Coral Ridge Mall is an enclosed super-regional shopping mall located just south of Interstate 80 in Coralville, Iowa. The mall's primary trade area includes...

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Classical Hollywood cinema

Hollywood cinema is a term used in film criticism to describe both a narrative and visual style of filmmaking which became characteristic of American cinema between...

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climate action for Coral Triangle". Philippine News Agency. Archived from the original on December 14, 2018. Retrieved July 24, 2020. The Coral Triangle refers...

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List of living actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood

(1959) George Takei (1937-04-20) April 20, 1937 (age 83) 1959 Battle of the Coral Sea (1959, uncredited) Jack Nicholson (1937-04-22) April 22, 1937 (age 83)...

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Black Sea

Black Sea—separated by the Mid-Black Sea High, which includes the Andrusov Ridge, Tetyaev High, and Archangelsky High, extending south from the Crimean Peninsula...

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ISBN 978-1-4020-6511-8. Mitchell, N. (2003). "Susceptibility of mid-ocean ridge volcanic islands and seamounts to large scale landsliding". Journal of Geophysical...

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mangroves, coral reefs, seagrass beds, coastal mudflats, tidal flats, algal beds, and small island ecosystems. Indonesia is one of Coral Triangle countries...

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South India

several regional cinemas being recognized: Kannada cinema (Karnataka), Malayalam cinema (Kerala), Tamil cinema (Tamil Nadu), and Telugu cinema (Andhra Pradesh...

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Boca Raton, Florida

Gumbo Limbo also houses a research facility run by FAU where students study coral reefs, sea turtles, sharks, sea grass and other marine-related subjects...

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United States Navy

Navy participated in many significant battles, including the Battle of the Coral Sea, the Battle of Midway, the Solomon Islands Campaign, the Battle of the...

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25 July 2020, Japanese-owned bulk carrier MV Wakashio ran aground on a coral reef off the coast of Mauritius, leaking up to 1,000 tonnes of heavy oil...

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1991 in film

one of the most prestigious and greatest animated and romantic films in cinema history. It went on to become the first animated film ever nominated for...

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Finding Dory

January 10, 2017. Petski, Denise. "'La La Land', 'Rogue One', 'Hacksaw Ridge' Among Cinema Audio Society Nominees". Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved January 11...

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Battle of the Bulge

resistance on the northern shoulder of the offensive, around Elsenborn Ridge, and in the south, around Bastogne, blocked German access to key roads to...

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Hugo Weaving

his professional career. He is the recipient of six Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards (AACTA) and has also been recognized as an Honorary...

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Massive Attack

two-night event featured Massive Attack, Portishead, Robert Plant, the Coral and Albarn.[citation needed] In 2007, Del Naja, musicians Albarn and Brian...

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University Heights Valley Ridge Varsity West Hillhurst Northeast Abbeydale Beddington Heights Bridgeland Castleridge Cityscape Coral Springs Coventry Hills...

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Bikini Atoll

Etymology section below for history and orthography of the endonym), is a coral reef in the Marshall Islands consisting of 23 islands surrounding a 229...

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Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature

nominees, but he had a conflict of interest because his company Direct Cinema owned the distribution rights to three of the five films (including eventual...

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1984 in film

Interpretation of Korean Cinema, 1988-1997. Indiana University. p. 119. Average Ticket Prices in Korea, 1974-1997 [...] * Source: Korea Cinema Yearbook (1997-1998)...

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Coral Ridge Mall

Coral Ridge Mall is an enclosed super-regional shopping mall located just south of Interstate 80 in Coralville, Iowa. The mall's primary trade area includes Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and other parts of eastern Iowa. It is owned and managed by Brookfield Properties Retail Group, which acquired the original developer of the mall, General Growth Properties, in 2018. The mall has a total floor area of 1,187,097 square feet (110,285 m2), with a gross leasable area of 979,415 square feet (90,991 m2). It also features a 1,000-seat food court with Wi-Fi internet access, a large "antique" carousel, a children's play area, and an NHL regulation-sized ice rink. While the ice rink is primarily used for public skating, the University of Iowa Hawkeyes hockey team plays most of its home games there. The mall's anchor stores are PetSmart, Tuesday Morning, Marshalls, Barnes & Noble, Chico's, Dillard's, Ashley HomeStore, Marcus Cinema, The Iowa Children's Museum, Best Buy, Target, H&M, Scheels All Sports, JCPenney, Old Navy, Shoe Dept. Encore, Five Below, Ulta Beauty, and HomeGoods.

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