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Clueless is a 1995 American coming-of-age teen comedy film written and directed by Amy Heckerling. It stars Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy...

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Clueless (musical)

Clueless is a 2018 jukebox musical based on the 1995 film of the same name written by Amy Heckerling. It is loosely based on Jane Austen's 1815 novel Emma...

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Mona May

May's work with Clueless did not end with the movie. She designed for the Clueless television spinoff (1996-1997) which had up to 15 costume changes per episode...

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Twink Caplan

roles in the box office hits Clueless and the Look Who's Talking series. As a producer, her best-known projects were Clueless (associate producer) and its...

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Emma (1996 theatrical film)

contemporary take on the novel. McGrath was unaware that Amy Heckerling's Clueless was already in production until plans for Emma were well underway. McGrath...

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The Masked Singer (American TV series)

Korea and features celebrities singing songs while wearing head-to-toe costumes and face masks concealing their identities. Hosted by Nick Cannon, the...

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Legally Blonde

Witherspoon." Michael O'Sullivan of The Washington Post called the movie a "Clueless redux but without the edgy, knowing wit." Jessica Winter of The Village...

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List of Conan sketches

'Clueless Gamer' Being Developed as Series at TBS". "Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews "Michael Phelps: Push The Limit"" – via teamcoco.com. "Clueless Gamer:...

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Jeethu Joseph

2013 – Jaihind TV Film Awards – Best Director – Drishyam "Detective – A clueless suspense thriller". IndiaGlitz. 19 February 2007. "Teenage blues". The...

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Enchanted (film)

characters Robert and Morgan. All the costumes in the film were designed by Mona May, who had previously worked on Clueless, The Wedding Singer, and The Haunted...

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But I'm a Cheerleader

explore the social construction of gender roles and heteronormativity. The costume and set design of the film highlighted these themes using artificial textures...

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Crazy Rich Asians (film)

here—the title underlines the mission statement. Asians are rich, vulgar and clueless." Although the film has been lauded in the United States for featuring...

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Christopher Daniel Barnes

Rickets in the sitcom Malcolm & Eddie. He appeared in Beverly Hills, 90210, Clueless, Wings, Blossom, JAG, American Dreamer, The Golden Girls, Touched by an...

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Ensemble cast

supporting cast. Other notable films with ensemble casts The Godfather Clueless Cruel Intentions Dazed and Confused (1993) Twenty:20 (2008) Ensemble casting...

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Maleficent (film)

marriage and a vengeful, unhinged rapist. Her safety relies on a trio of clueless and dangerously careless fairies, and her Godmother is the woman who cursed...

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Tenet (film)

Zack (March 13, 2020). "Michael Caine Stars in 'Tenet' but Says He's Clueless About Christopher Nolan's New Film". IndieWire. Archived from the original...

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Revolutionary Road (film)

"Once more, the suburbs are well-upholstered nightmares and its denizens clueless—other than one estranged male. Everything is boldly indicated to the audience...

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The Baby-Sitters Club (2020 TV series)

" One notable piece is Claudia's yellow plaid pantsuit, a reference to Clueless. Summers told Refinery29, "Most of the characters' [looks] were purchased...

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List of Tanglin episodes (Episodes 1-508)

perspective for her. The coffee house is hit with vandalism and the Tongs are clueless on who would do such an awful thing. However, Eddie knows too well whose...

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Basic (slang)

Cinderella Story, Odd Girl Out, Frenemies, Pretty in Pink, Mean Girls, and Clueless. Himbo Normcore "The United States of Basic Bitches: A Map and Field Guide"...

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Clueless is a 1995 American coming-of-age teen comedy film written and directed by Amy Heckerling. It stars Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy and Paul Rudd. It was produced by Scott Rudin and Robert Lawrence. It is loosely based on Jane Austen's 1815 novel Emma, with a modern-day setting of Beverly Hills. The plot centers on Cher Horowitz, a beautiful, popular and rich high school student who befriends a new student named Tai Frasier and decides to give her a makeover. Clueless was filmed in California over a 40-day schedule. The film's director studied real Beverly Hills high school students to understand how real teens in the 1990s talked and learn some appropriate slang terms. The film grossed $56.1 million in the United States. It has received generally positive reviews from critics and is considered to be one of the best teen films of all time. Clueless has developed a cult following and has a continuing legacy. The film was followed by a spin-off television sitcom, series of books, and Paramount Pictures has announced that they are producing a remake.

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