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Substances poisonous to dogs

plant contain ricin which is toxic to dogs. It can be fatal depending on how much of the plant is ingested. The beans of the plant have a higher concentration...

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Baked beans

Baked beans is a dish traditionally containing white beans that are parboiled and then, in the US, baked in sauce at low temperature for a lengthy period...

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List of individual dogs

This is a list of individual famous actual dogs; for famous dogs from fiction, see List of fictional dogs. Axelrod, Basset Hound, appeared in commercials...

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Toddler nutrition

such as anemia. Iron can be given to toddler in meat, fish, beans, and other iron-fortified foods. Toddlers benefit from eating iron-fortified cereal...

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Sonya Thomas

over 25 eating competitions, and in December 2008, she set the world record for fruit-cake eaten in 10 minutes. On July 4, 2005, she ate 37 hot dogs in 12...

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Guatemalan cuisine

other parts called "casamiento" or "casado", rice with beans (typically black beans). Rice and Beans, made with coconut milk Arroz con pollo, chicken and...

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Cuisine of Ohio

recipes, chocolate), used as a topping for spaghetti or hot dogs. Additionally, red beans, chopped onions, and shredded cheese are offered as extra toppings...

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Theobromine poisoning

fatal. The toxic dose for cats is even lower than for dogs. However, cats are less prone to eating chocolate since they are unable to taste sweetness. Theobromine...

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Hot dog variations

local brands such as Pearl that are used. Hot dogs in the Boston area are associated with Boston baked beans, though this is not unique to the region. Ketchup...

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Brazilian cuisine

black-eyed peas, broad beans, butter beans, soybeans, lentils, moyashi (which came to Brazil due to the Japanese tradition of eating its sprouts), azuki...

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commonly filled with red bean paste. Anpan can also be prepared with other fillings, including white beans (shiro-an), green beans (uguisu-an), sesame (goma-an)...

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Korean cuisine

sweetened mung bean paste, red bean paste, mashed red beans, raisins, a sweetened filling made with sesame seeds, sweet pumpkin, beans, jujubes, pine...

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Shabbat meals

cholent, a stew made primarily of meat, potatoes, beans, barley and spices. Sauces, onions, carrots, hot dogs, kugel, and ketchup are often added. Sephardic...

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Dog food

dogs. An American electrician, James Spratt, concocted the first dog treat. Living in London at the time, he witnessed dogs around a shipyard eating scraps...

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couscous + lentils, beans + pastas, quinoa + peas, rice + tofu. Soaked and/or sprouted cereals and grains: Aduki beans, alfalfa beans, buckwheat, lentils...

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Sattvic diet

during special practices. Mung beans, lentils, yellow split peas, chickpeas, aduki beans, common beans, organic tofu, and bean sprouts are considered sattvic...

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Apex predator

example, wolves prey mostly upon large herbivores (primary consumers), which eat plants (primary producers). The apex predator concept is applied in wildlife...

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edulis) can be distinguished from their wild relatives (C. s. var. silvestris) by some fruit-yielding traits such as building of greater beans, more pulp...

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Food and drink prohibitions

Highlands do not kill or eat dogs, unlike some neighboring tribes, nor do they let dogs breathe on their food. Jains abstain from eating eggs. Many Hindu and...

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Pink's Hot Dogs

Pink's Hot Dogs is a landmark hot dog restaurant in the Fairfax District of the city of Los Angeles. It is on North La Brea Avenue, across the street from...

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Substances poisonous to dogs

There are a wide variety of substances poisonous to dogs. Many pet owners have a general knowledge of dog health, but not of the larger scope of common substances poisonous to dogs. Recognizing the signs of poisoning will enable dog owners to get the help their dogs need when exposed to poisons. Dogs can be exposed to poisons in several ways: ingestion, contact, and inhalation. The most common poisonous substances include some human foods and medications, household products, and many plants. Understanding exposure and symptoms of poisoning and poisonous substances will assist dog owners in identifying how to get the correct treatment for their pet.

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