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Botanical garden

A botanical garden or botanic garden is a garden dedicated to the collection, cultivation, preservation and display of a wide range of plants labelled...

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Bertha Jaques

popular printmaking technique. She is best known for her hand-colored botanical prints and scenes from her foreign and domestic travels. Bertha Jaques (née...

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Botanical illustration

Gardens website". Antique botanical illustrations for use as home decor at Fine Rare Prints De Bray, Lys (2001). The Art of Botanical Illustration: A history...

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Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Serials - over 310 titles on horticultural and botanical journals, along with newsletters. Botanical Prints - part of the Rare Books but separate. Access...

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Huntington Library

The Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens, known as The Huntington, is a collections-based educational and research institution established...

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Gavin Bridson

printmaking. His book American Botanical Prints of Two Centuries, won the Newman Award from the American Historical Print Collectors Society. In 1963 he...

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Sister Parish

pillows, mattress ticking, hooked rugs, rag rugs, starched organdy, botanical prints, painted lampshades, white wicker, quilts, and baskets. According to...

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Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art

30,000-square-foot (2,800 m2) Georgian-style mansion was opened as a botanical garden and art museum in 1960. Christopher Cheek founded a wholesale grocery...

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Isaac Sprague

Sprague's works were included in the Hunt Institute’s exhibition American Botanical Prints of Two Centuries. Major collections of Sprague's work are held by the...

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James Bateman

Grange Tunnels original audubon prints,botanical prints,audubon paintings,audubon watercolors, Mark Catesby, botanical art Chicago, natural history, fine...

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List of Irish botanical illustrators

officinale F. H. Wigg. aggr". Victoria and Albert Museum. 8 March 2019. "Botanical Prints General Notes". Victoria and Albert Museum. 29 July 2015. Archived...

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John Miller (botanical illustrator)

; Pardoe, H. S., eds. (2003). "Bute's Botanical Tables - John Miller (1715-1790)". Catalogue of Botanical Prints and Drawings at the National Museums &...

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Botanical name

A botanical name is a formal scientific name conforming to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (ICN) and, if it concerns...

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Spore print

identified from its spore print alone; the spore print is only one characteristic used in making a taxonomic determination. Spore prints are usually white to...

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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

than in the U.S. It has a collection of botanical paintings (many of them watercolors), drawings, and prints dating from the Renaissance to contemporary...

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Azza Fahmy

Life” pendants. Matthew Williamson S/S’14 - Ten pieces inspired by botanical prints, architectural forms and textures from Egypt and Persia. Karm Solar...

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Carl Friedrich Schmidt (1811)

and botanical books Antique Botanical Prints by C.F. Schmidt - Philographikon Galerie Rauhut, Munich Genealogy of C.F. Schmidt Botanical Prints of Capsicum;...

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Beth Van Hoesen

Adams, was an American artist who was best known for her prints and drawings of animals and botanical subjects. Elizabeth "Beth" Marie Van Hoesen was born...

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List of botanical gardens in Tamil Nadu

article lists the botanical gardens found in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. List of botanical gardens in India List of botanical gardens Ministry of...

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Utricularia reticulata

in 1808, but he did not cite a specimen and instead referred to a botanical print in Hendrik van Rheede's 1689 Hortus Malabaricus. List of Utricularia...

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Botanical garden

A botanical garden or botanic garden is a garden dedicated to the collection, cultivation, preservation and display of a wide range of plants labelled with their botanical names. It may contain specialist plant collections such as cacti and other succulent plants, herb gardens, plants from particular parts of the world, and so on; there may be greenhouses, shadehouses, again with special collections such as tropical plants, alpine plants, or other exotic plants. Visitor services at a botanical garden might include tours, educational displays, art exhibitions, book rooms, open-air theatrical and musical performances, and other entertainment. Botanical gardens are often run by universities or other scientific research organizations, and often have associated herbaria and research programmes in plant taxonomy or some other aspect of botanical science. In principle, their role is to maintain documented collections of living plants for the purposes of scientific research, conservation, display, and education, although this will depend on the resources available and the special interests pursued at each particular garden. The origin of modern botanical gardens is generally traced to the appointment of professors of botany to the medical faculties of universities in 16th century Renaissance Italy, which also entailed the curation of a medicinal garden. However, the objectives, content, and audience of today's botanic gardens more closely resembles that of the grandiose gardens of antiquity and the educational garden of Theophrastus in the Lyceum of ancient Athens.The early concern with medicinal plants changed in the 17th century to an interest in the new plant imports from explorations outside Europe as botany gradually established its independence from medicine. In the 18th century, systems of nomenclature and classification were devised by botanists working in the herbaria and universities associated with the gardens, these systems often being displayed in the gardens as educational "order beds". With the rapid expansion of European colonies around the globe in the late 18th century, botanic gardens were established in the tropics, and economic botany became a focus with the hub at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, near London. Over the years, botanical gardens, as cultural and scientific organisations, have responded to the interests of botany and horticulture. Nowadays, most botanical gardens display a mix of the themes mentioned and more; having a strong connection with the general public, there is the opportunity to provide visitors with information relating to the environmental issues being faced at the start of the 21st century, especially those relating to plant conservation and sustainability.

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