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Bogle Vineyards

in Clarksburg, California. Warren Bogle is the President and Vineyard Director. The brand produces varietal wines including chardonnay, zinfandel, cabernet...

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varietal (for example, by Bogle Vineyards), and especially blended with Zinfandel, which results in a rich, bold and fruity wine. Synonyms for Syrah include...

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Walla Walla, Washington

quarterback Hunter Hillenmeyer, former Chicago Bears player Richard Arthur Bogle, businessman and rancher Walter Brattain, Nobel Prize winner and co-inventor...

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The Best of the Early Years: 1990–1995

3:11 "Love How the Gal Dem Flex" - 3:36 "Hotness" (feat. Heavy D) - 3:53 "Bogle" - 3:39 "Good Lookin' Gal" - 3:26 "The Only Man" - 2:46 "Love Wizard" -...

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in "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda", the oft-covered song by Eric Bogle. "Suvla Bay" was a popular Australian song (composer unidentified) in 1949...

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Johnnie Walker

warehouse, grocery, and wine and spirits shop on the High Street in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. Walker managed the grocery, wine, and spirits segment...

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Ding Dong (reggae musician)

staple in the lyrics of dancing songs over the years. The legendary Gerald “Bogle” Levy even gave Ding Dong the nod after seeing his skills in various dancehall...

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Charles Saatchi

director at Benton & Bowles, who would later go on to run rival agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty – and Jeremy Sinclair, who as of 2016 still retains a senior role...

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between the two did not begin until well into the Scottish explorer George Bogle's 1774 expedition. Realizing the differences between the two regions, cultures...

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Dwight D. Eisenhower

War to the present. History of the Cold War. 2. Pantheon Books. p. 338. Bogle, Lori Lynn, ed. (2001), The Cold War, Routledge, p. 104. 978-0815337218...

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variations of dancehall dances. Examples of such dances are: "Like Glue", "Bogle", "Whine & Dip", "Tek Weh Yuhself", "Whine Up", "Shake It With Shaun" (a...

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Atlantic slave trade

ISBN 0-521-67966-4. Rodney, Walter (1972). How Europe Underdeveloped Africa. London: Bogle L'Ouverture. ISBN 978-0-9501546-4-0. Thornton, John (1998). Africa and Africans...

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Billy Blind Biróg Bloody Bones Bluecap Blue men of the Minch Bodach Boggart Bogle Boobrie Brag Brownie Brown Man of the Muirs Bucca Buggane Bugbear Bugul...

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List of folk musicians

Djivan Gasparyan Udi Hrant Gor Mkhitarian Paul Kelly Blue King Brown Eric Bogle Kasey Chambers Roaring Jack Judy Small The Waifs Sarah Blasko The Seekers...

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Le Bec-Fin

after dinner service on June 15, 2013. The space then housed Chef Justin Bogle's progressive American restaurant Avance, which closed October 11, 2014...

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Orson Welles: The Road to Xanadu. Penguin. p. 145. ISBN 978-0-670-86722-6. Bogle, Donald (2011), Heat Wave: The Life and Career of Ethel Waters, Harper-Collins...

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Christopher Lee (chef)

Best Chef, Mid-Atlantic". "2 Michelin Stars"- The Michelin Guide Justin Bogle Paul Liebrandt "Christopher Lee". thenewpotato.com. 2012-02-03. Retrieved...

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Ingrid Bergman

pairings of director and star". The Canberra Times. Retrieved 16 October 2020. Bogle, Donald (2011), Heat Wave: The Life and Career of Ethel Waters, Harper-Collins...

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Brenda Blethyn

International Film Festival. In the same year, Blethyn also starred in James Bogle's film adaption of Tim Winton's 1988 novel In the Winter Dark (1998). Blethyn's...

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List of craters in the Solar System

Crater Coordinates Diameter (km) Approval Year Eponym Ref Bogle n.a. 1988 Scottish mischievous spirits WGPSN Butz n.a. 1988 German roguish or evil spirits...

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Bogle Vineyards

Bogle Vineyards is a California winery that traces its history in the Sacramento River Delta back to the late 1800s. The company was founded in 1979 and is based in Clarksburg, California. Warren Bogle is the President and Vineyard Director. The brand produces varietal wines including chardonnay, zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon, petit syrah, sauvignon blanc, merlot, and pinot noir. It also produces dessert wines in the style of Port with petit sirah.

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