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Roxy and DC Shoes. In 2018, Boardriders acquired Billabong International Limited, gaining the Billabong, Element, Von Zipper, RVCA and XCEL brands. Quiksilver...

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Elyse Knowles

Kong to model internationally. In 2015, she became a fitness model for Billabong, she was the female ambassador for the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand...

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Chrissy Teigen

surf shop, where she landed a modeling campaign with clothing company Billabong through the shop's clients, and was discovered by a photographer. In her...

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creature from Australian Aboriginal mythology, said to lurk in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes. The bunyip was part of traditional...

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Nabil Elderkin

charity Oxfam and manufacturers Coca-Cola, Foot Locker, Nike, adidas, Vans, Billabong. Elderkin also photographed Kanye West's biographical book Glow in the...

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Rip Curl

member of the "Big Three", of the surf industry alongside Quiksilver and Billabong.As of October 2019[update], Michael Daly is the chief executive officer...

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Freshwater crocodile

and the Northern Territory. Main habitats include freshwater wetlands, billabongs, rivers and creeks. This species can live in areas where saltwater crocodiles...

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List of swimwear brands

Baci Lingerie 2009 United States Bare Necessities 1998 United States Billabong 1973 Australia Björn Borg 1997 Sweden Bravissimo 1995 England Catalina...

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The Union Buries Its Dead

labourer, who had drowned the previous day "while trying to swim some horses across a billabong of the Darling." The narrator, possibly Lawson himself, examines...

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Crocodile attack

crocodile in Australia's Kakadu National Park while swimming in Sandy Billabong with her sister Valerie and a few other foreign backpackers. The tour...

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Saltwater crocodile

such as the Adelaide, Mary, and Daly Rivers, along with their adjacent billabongs and estuaries. The saltwater crocodile population in Australia is estimated...

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Mary River National Park

permitted and fees apply. Mistake Billabong has a shaded viewing platform where visitors can watch life on the billabong. Point Stuart is the historic location...

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The Amazing Race Australia 5

In this leg's Roadblock, one team member had to swim in a freshwater crocodile-inhabited billabong, which was used as a filming location for Crocodile...

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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

to other worlds. With Maurie's help, Ty finds a second boomerang at a billabong. At a rainforest, he helps save his dingo friend , Shazza, and helps Ranger...

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Kanvas by Katin

Big Wave Challenge" (later known as the "Swell XXL", and now as the "Billabong XXL"). The K2 buyout soon led to the principals migrating to other ventures...

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List of South African sportspeople

World Tour Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay events (born 1988) Chad le Clos, Olympic gold medallist (born 1992) Natalie du Toit, disabled swimmer (born 1984)...

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Zak Noyle

Illustrated, National Geographic and in advertisements for companies such as Billabong and Chanel. Noyle's professional career has taken him to Indonesia, Tahiti...

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Surf culture

Pacific, Billabong, Oakley, DaKine, Reef, Roxy, Volcom, Element, Hurley, Von Zipper, Golden Breed and RVCA. The bikini is an iconic piece of swim clothing...

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for the female wearer. Other leading boardshort manufacturers include Billabong and Rip Curl. By 2010, the boardshort was widely worn as a fashionable...

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List of 64 Zoo Lane episodes

Audrey to her new brother inside of his egg. 56 4 "The Story of The Big Billabong Wave" 9 February 2010 (2010-02-09) Carrie the Cockatoo tells Lucy about...

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Quiksilver is a brand of surf-inspired apparel and accessories that was founded in 1969 in Torquay, Australia, but is now based in Huntington Beach, California. It is one of the world's largest brands of surfwear and boardsport-related equipment. The parent company changed its name in March 2017 from Quiksilver, Inc. to Boardriders, Inc., and is the owner of the brands Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes. In 2018, Boardriders acquired Billabong International Limited, gaining the Billabong, Element, Von Zipper, RVCA and XCEL brands. Quiksilver manufactures and sells a wide range of products that include sportswear (swimsuits), clothing (t-shirts, polo shirts, flannels, jackets, hoodies, pants, shorts), footwear (sneakers, sandals), accessories (hats, backpacks, wallets). The company also produces a line of apparel for young women, under the Roxy brand. Another line of apparel for women is under the brand Quiksilver Women. In 2013, Quiksilver initiated a turnaround plan after suffering financial losses for six years. However, by September 2015, the company filed for bankruptcy. After emerging from bankruptcy in early 2016, the company once again became privately held, with Oaktree Capital Management as the majority shareholder.

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