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Berkshire Athenaeum

The Berkshire Athenaeum is a public library (1872) based on a previously private athenaeum, and now at 1 Wendell Avenue, Pittsfield, Massachusetts in the...

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California, US Athenaeum of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US Berkshire Athenaeum, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, US Boston Athenæum, Boston, Massachusetts...

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Henry Murray

manuscripts and artifacts relating to Melville which he donated to the Berkshire Athenaeum in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Murray's Theory of Personality, also...

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Pittsfield, Massachusetts

gilded-age Colonial Theatre, the Berkshire Museum, the Beacon Cinema (multi-plex), the Barrington Stage Company, Berkshire Athenaeum, Wahconah Park and Hebert...

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spirit communications still extant in collections now held by the Berkshire Athenaeum, Fruitlands Museums Library, Hamilton College Library, Hancock Shaker...

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Amy Bess Miller

of the Berkshire Athenaeum, member of the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and American Antiquarian Society, and trustee of Berkshire Medical...

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Thomas Allen (representative)

at Washington University in St. Louis and in 1876 he donated the Berkshire Athenaeum to his hometown of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Allen was elected to...

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Park Square Historic District (Pittsfield, Massachusetts)

faced it, including the Old Town Hall, the county courthouse, the Berkshire Athenaeum, and the First Church of Christ. In December 1991, the boundaries...

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William Appleton Potter

(1871–1873) John C. Green School of Science, Princeton (1873–1875) (razed) Berkshire Athenaeum, Pittsfield, Massachusetts (1874–1876) Belleville Avenue Congregational...

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Sarah Morewood

passages in Melville's surviving letters to her (available at the Berkshire Athenaeum), including his descriptions of Sarah as "Thou Lady of All Delight";...

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Albert Bierstadt

1871, St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, St. Johnsbury, Vermont 1874 – Giant Redwood Trees of California, c. 1874, oil on canvas, Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield,...

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List of museums in Massachusetts

Berkshire Athenaeum Pittsfield Berkshire The Berkshires Library Library, literary, Herman Melville Collection Berkshire Museum Pittsfield Berkshire The...

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Oratory School

near Reading, Berkshire London Oratory School Oratory Preparatory School, Summit, New Jersey Oratory Athenaeum for University Preparation, Pharr, Texas...

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Uncle Beazley

of Uncle Beazley, were moved to Pittsfield's public library, the Berkshire Athenaeum. Goode, James M. (1974). Uncle Beazley. The Outdoor Sculpture of...

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James Barker (judge)

of the Berkshire Life Insurance Co.; director of the Pittsfield National Bank and the Pontoosue Woolen Co.; president of the Berkshire Athenaeum (1903–05);...

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Dalton Collegians

The document was located in the city of Pittsfield's library, the Berkshire Athenaeum. The reference is contained in a 1791 Pittsfield bylaw, which states...

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Western Massachusetts Regional Library System

and service decisions. The Forbes Library in Northampton and the Berkshire Athenaeum in Pittsfield were also designated as regional libraries. Their roles...

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Wollison–Shipton Building

the adjacent Academy of Music (burned 1912), the Berkshire County Courthouse, and the Berkshire Athenaeum, both prominent structures on Park Square. The...

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Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

several organisations. Officially founded in 1847 as part of the Glasgow Athenaeum, from an earlier Educational Association grouping, music and arts were...

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Isaac N. Youngs

Hymns, Improved by the Followers of Christ in his Second Appearing. Berkshire Athenaeum Local History Room, Pittsfield, MA, ms. V 289.8 Un3.3 v10. ––– Idle...

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Berkshire Athenaeum

The Berkshire Athenaeum is a public library (1872) based on a previously private athenaeum, and now at 1 Wendell Avenue, Pittsfield, Massachusetts in the Berkshires, United States. Like many New England libraries, the Berkshire Athenaeum started as a private organization. A private Public Library Association was founded in 1850. The name was later changed to the Berkshire Athenæum. Later still, Thomas F. Plunkett, Calvin Martin and Thomas Allen, were "instrumental in forming it into a free library." "In 1874, by means of a bequest from Phinehas Allen, and the gift of [the 1876] building from Thomas Allen, the Berkshire Athenaeum was placed upon a firm foundation." In 1903, the Berkshire Athenaeum assumed the responsibility for the newly created Berkshire Museum, and was both a public library and museum until the museum spun off in 1932. The Berkshire Athenaeum is now Pittsfield's public library and contains a collection of more than 150,000 items. The library's special collections on local history, genealogy, local author Herman Melville, and other Berkshire authors are some of the best in the northeast.

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