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Impact wrench

An impact wrench (also known as an impactor, impact gun, air wrench, air gun, rattle gun, torque gun, windy gun) is a socket wrench power tool designed...

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Power wrench

two main types of power wrenches: impact wrenches and air ratchet wrenches or pneumatic ratchet wrenches. An air ratchet wrench is very similar to hand-powered...

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Impact (mechanics)

to make building and bridge foundations. An impact wrench is a device designed to impart torque impacts to bolts to tighten or loosen them. At normal...

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Cheater bar

have an air compressor and impact wrench to loosen and tighten lug nuts on wheels. Most major tool manufacturers carry an air impact wrench, including...

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Torque wrench

torque wrench is a tool used to apply a specific torque to a fastener such as a nut, bolt, or lag screw. It is usually in the form of a socket wrench with...

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A wrench or spanner is a tool used to provide grip and mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn objects—usually rotary fasteners, such as nuts and...

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Air gun (disambiguation)

projectiles Heat gun, a hot air device Impact wrench, also known as air gun, air wrench, impactor, rattle gun, or torque gun Air cannon (disambiguation) This disambiguation...

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Socket wrench

repositioning a wrench to do so. Other common methods of driving sockets include pneumatic impact wrenches, hydraulic torque wrenches, torque multipliers...

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eighteen hundreds, starting with innovations such as the pipe wrench and the modern adjustable wrench. Since then, the product range has expanded with a total...

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Apex Tool Group

Cooper in 1968. Delta – tool boxes Erem – Precision pliers. GearWrench – Ratcheting wrenches and hand tools H.K. Porter – Bolt and cable cutters. Iseli –...

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Power tool

sander Food processor Grinding machine Heat gun Hedge trimmer Impact driver Impact wrench Iron Jackhammer Jointer Jigsaw Knitting machine Lathe Lawn mower...

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Torque multiplier

output. Torque multipliers are most often used when a compressed air powered impact wrench is unavailable due to remote locations without power, or where...

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Chicago Pneumatic

equipment. In 1939, CP designed and manufactured the world’s first impact wrench, both pneumatic and electric versions. CP developed the “hot dimpling...

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The Colour and the Shape

re-recorded, and he left the band shortly thereafter. The singles "Monkey Wrench", "Everlong", and "My Hero" peaked within the top ten of US rock radio charts...

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That Roundhouse

housing, low-carbon building, low-impact development and sustainable living. The natural building was designed by Tony Wrench and Jane Faith as their home...

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Rotary-screw compressor

such as chillers, or for compressed air systems to operate air-driven tools such as jackhammers and impact wrenches. For smaller rotor sizes the inherent...

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Pneumatic motor

compressed air cars, but none are actually available for purchase or even independent testing. Impact wrenches, pulse tools, torque wrenches, screwdrivers...

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Rotary hammer

bit and the jammed bit backed out of the hole with vise grips or monkey wrench. Some bits utilize a full carbide "four-cutter" head with a geometry that...

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Falling Hare

shout: "It ain't Vendell Villkie!" The gremlin knocks Bugs out with a monkey wrench, and when the gremlin revives him, Bugs speaks nonsensically as Lennie Small...

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Air France Flight 358

back and head injuries during the impact of the crash when his seat was wrenched out of place by the force of the impact, causing him to hit his head against...

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Impact wrench

An impact wrench (also known as an impactor, impact gun, air wrench, air gun, rattle gun, torque gun, windy gun) is a socket wrench power tool designed to deliver high torque output with minimal exertion by the user, by storing energy in a rotating mass, then delivering it suddenly to the output shaft. It was invented by Robert H. Pott of Evansville, Indiana. Compressed air is the most common power source, although electric or hydraulic power is also used, with cordless electric devices becoming increasingly popular since the mid-2000s.Impact wrenches are widely used in many industries, such as automotive repair, heavy equipment maintenance, product assembly, major construction projects, and any other instance where a high torque output is needed. For product assembly, a pulse tool is commonly used, as it features a reactionless tightening while reducing the noise levels the regular impacts suffer from. Pulse tools use oil as a medium to transfer the kinetic energy from the hammer into the anvil. This gives a smoother impulse, a slightly lower torque to weight ratio and a possibility to design a shut off mechanism that shuts the tool down when achieving the correct torque. Pulse tools are not referred to as "impact wrenches" as the performance and technology are not the same.Impact wrenches are available in every standard socket wrench drive size, from small ¼" drive tools for small assembly and disassembly, up to 3½" and larger square drives for major construction. Impact wrenches are one of the most commonly used air tools.In operation, a rotating mass is accelerated by the motor, storing energy, then suddenly connected to the output shaft (the anvil), creating a high-torque impact. The hammer mechanism is designed such that after delivering the impact, the hammer is again allowed to spin freely, and does not stay locked. With this design, the only reaction force applied to the body of the tool is the motor accelerating the hammer, and thus the operator feels very little torque, even though a very high peak torque is delivered to the socket. (This is similar to a conventional hammer, where the user applies a small, constant force to swing the hammer, which generates a very large impulse when the hammer strikes an object.) The hammer design requires a certain minimum torque before the hammer is allowed to spin separately from the anvil, causing the tool to stop hammering and instead smoothly drive the fastener if only low torque is needed, rapidly installing/removing the fastener.

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