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List of Chevrolet vehicles

and 1976-1998 for Colombia) Chevy (1969-1978) Chevy (1994-2012) Chevy II (1962-1968) Chevy Malibu (1968–1982) Citation (1980–1985) C/K (1960-2000 for US...

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Chevrolet C/K

most commonly associated with pickup trucks, the model line also included chassis-cab trucks and medium-duty trucks and served as the basis for GM full-size...

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Chevy Chase

Cornelius Crane "Chevy" Chase (/ˈtʃɛvi/; born October 8, 1943) is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer. Born into a prominent family...

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Chevrolet Chevy II / Nova

The Chevrolet Chevy II/Nova is a small automobile manufactured by Chevrolet, and produced in five generations for the 1962 through 1979, and 1985 through...

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commercial trucks. Due to the prominence and name recognition of Chevrolet as one of General Motors' global marques, 'Chevrolet', 'Chevy' or 'Chev' is...

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Chevrolet Silverado

Revealed at Chevy Truck Centennial Event". media.gm.com. Retrieved 2017-12-16. "All-New 2019 Silverado 1500 Pickup Truck: Full Size Truck". www.chevrolet...

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Chevrolet Suburban

2012. "1955 Chevrolet Truck Operators Manual". Oldcarbrochures.com. p. 4. Retrieved August 25, 2012. "Chevrolet Suburban". "Chevy Suburban Spotter's Guide...

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Chevrolet SSR

slow Chevy SSR introduction". Automotive News. December 14, 2005. Retrieved May 23, 2019. "What a Concept: Chevy's SSR is more than just a new truck for...

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Chevrolet van

oldcarbrochures.com. Retrieved 2020-08-24. "1988 GMC Trucks Folder". oldcarbrochures.com. Retrieved 2020-08-24. "Chevy Trucks | Specifications | 1996 Chevrolet G-Van"...

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Chevrolet LUV

The Chevrolet LUV and the later Chevrolet LUV D-Max are light pickup trucks designed and manufactured by Isuzu and marketed in the Americas since 1972...

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Chevrolet Kodiak

TopKick are a range of medium duty trucks that were produced by the Chevrolet and GMC divisions of General Motors from 1980 to 2009. Introduced as a variant...

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Ram pickup

part of the Dodge line of light trucks. The name Ram was first used in 1981 model year Dodge Trucks in October 1980, following the retiring and rebadging...

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Chevrolet C/K (third generation)

2020-08-03. "Directory Index: GM Trucks and Vans/1980_Trucks-Vans/album_002". oldcarbrochures.com. Retrieved 2020-08-03. "1981 Chevy Pickups". brochures.slosh...

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Chevrolet straight-6 engine

by the Mid State Antique Stock Car Club Sheridan's 1946 Chevy Truck — 1941–46 Chevrolet truck photos; much information. Stovebolt.com — Online information...

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Chevrolet Greenbrier

Heritage Center. November 1962. Retrieved August 18, 2020. "GM MY1963 Chevy Trucks Specsheet" (PDF). GM Heritage Center. Retrieved August 18, 2020. Media...

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Bigfoot (truck)

com/blog/team-bigfoot-championships/ Zach Bowman. "Bigfoot monster truck defects from Ford to Chevy after more than 35 years". Autoblog. Retrieved June 24, 2015...

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GMC (automobile)

that primarily focuses on trucks and utility vehicles. GMC currently makes SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, and light-duty trucks, catered to a premium-based...

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Chevrolet small-block engine

Publications, 2004 "Chevy Truck Engine Specification a RPO Codes, Horsepower, Displacement, Torque Ratings, - Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages.com". Chuckschevytruckpages...

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Chevrolet C/K (fourth generation)

"Full-size Pickup | 1989 Chevy Trucks" (PDF). GM Heritage Center | Historical Brochures (1989 Chevrolet Truck). "1992 Chevrolet Trucks" (PDF). GM Heritage...

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Toyota Type A engine

more power than the Chevy engine on which it was based. Also, the Chevy engine was likely to be a year or two old, so the current Chevy engine may have produced...

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List of Chevrolet vehicles

This is a list of vehicles made by Chevrolet.

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