Examples of functionality offered by easychat.me

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Easychat.me service is an innovative approach to customer service online. Thanks to easychat.me you can quickly and easily provide customers service using live chat, simply generate html code and paste it in any place, it's that simple!.

  Easy installation

In order to provide users ability to livechat, just copy the generated in the admin HTML code and paste it in any place, that's all!

  Perfect for teams

EasyChat is ideally suited to work in larger groups. One account can handle up to 10 providers at a time.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding allows operators to transfer active chats with another available operator or to the main operators queue.

Talks between operators

Operators can talk to each other via the operator panel. For accounts with more than one operator, the call can be initiated by double-clicking on the name of the operator from the list of operators.

Chat transcripts

Chats conducted by all the operators are written, so that administrators can control the calls made ​​by its customer service team.

Integrate with WordPress

You can easy integrate EasyChat.me WordPress Plugin with your WordPress website.