Urechis unicinctus

Urechis unicinctus
Echiura in Korea1.jpg
Urechis unicinctus at a market in Korea.
Scientific classification
U. unicinctus
Binomial name
Urechis unicinctus

Urechis unicinctus, known as the fat innkeeper worm or (Chinese) penis fish,[2][3] is a species of marine spoon worm in East Asia. It is found in Bohai Gulf of China and off the Korean and Japanese coasts.[3] It is not to be confused with a closely related species, Urechis caupo, which occurs on the western coast of North America and shares common names.[4] The body is about 10–30 cm long, cylindrical in shape and yellowish-brown in color. On the surface of the body there are many small papillae.

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