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Street Light (painting)

Street Light
Italian: Lampada ad arco[1]
Street Light (1909) by Giacomo Bella
ArtistGiacomo Balla
Yearc. 1910–1911 (1910–1911) (dated 1909 (1909) on painting)[2]
MediumOil on canvas
SubjectAn electric street light
Dimensions174.7 cm × 114.7 cm (68.8 in × 45.2 in)[2]
LocationMuseum of Modern Art, New York City, US
Accession23715 (NCSU Libraries)

Street Light (also known as The Street Light: Study of Light and Street Lamp (Suffering of a Street Lamp)[3]) (Italian: Lampada ad arco) is a painting by Italian Futurist painter Giacomo Balla, dated 1909, depicting an electric street lamp casting a glow which outshines the crescent moon.[4][5] The painting was inspired by streetlights at the Piazza Termini in Rome.[6]

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