Phantom Stranger

Phantom Stranger
The Phantom Stranger.jpg
Cover of The Phantom Stranger (Jan. 2013) #4.
Art by Ethan Van Sciver.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics/Vertigo
First appearancePhantom Stranger #1
(August–September 1952)
Created byJohn Broome (writer)
Carmine Infantino (artist)
Sy Barry (inker)
In-story information
Team affiliationsThe Quintessence
Justice League
The Trenchcoat Brigade
Sentinels of Magic
Justice League Dark
Council of Immortals
Notable aliasesThe Spirit of Justice, Philip Stark, Grey Walker, Brotherless One
The Phantom Stranger
Series publication information
Schedulevol. 1 and 2: Bimonthly
vol. 3 and vol. 4: Monthly
FormatAll: Standard U.S., color.
vol. 1, 2 and vol. 4: ongoing.
vol. 3: Limited series
Publication datevol. 1: August/September 1952 - June/July 1953
vol. 2: May/June 1969– February/March 1976
vol. 3: October 1987–January 1988
vol. 4: November 2012–October 2014
Number of issuesvol. 1: 6
vol. 2: 41
vol. 3: 4
vol. 4: 23 (#1-22 plus issue #0) and a Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger: Futures End one shot
Main character(s)The Phantom Stranger

The Phantom Stranger is a fictional superhero of unspecified paranormal origins, who battles mysterious and occult forces in various titles published by DC Comics, sometimes under their Vertigo imprint. The character first appeared in an eponymous comics anthology published in August/September 1952.[1]

The Phantom Stranger made his first live appearance in the 2019 television series Swamp Thing for the DC streaming service played by Macon Blair.

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